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Valuables in DR


I am a self-confessed jewelery nut and never take off my rings or earrings. Is it ok to wear those like usual? I would leave home the chains/bracelettes etc but do like my anklette?!!? What do you think, is it dangerous???


I don’t take any of my valuable jewelry with me when I go, I take costume stuff. I have a substantial diamond in my engagement ring and I always leave it home. When you are in a poor country I don’t think it is very respectful to flaunt any expensive items that you have.


Good to know, I never thought about the flaunting part, I don’t have anything all that expensive but some small gold rings and sleeper earrings. I will take off those though at your advice for sure, I have never taken off my wedding band and won’t be doing that but thank you for the info, as I said I never thought of that part and that does make perfect sense. Never having travelled before we can use all the hints we can get… good plan thanks Sunny


I like to pare down when I pack the jewelry. Wear on the plane a pair of studs or hoops and a watch and bracelet all in CZ’s I like a little bling! LOL! I have a couple of rings I wear down and a few I take as a change and some chandelier earrings all in CZ’s. During the day at the beach I wear no jewelry I like to snorkle a lot so don’t bother during the day. Also take and wear a cheap waterproof watch I got at walmart.

all the best,


After my experience last March, my motto is “less is best”. On our upcoming trip, I’m seriously considering leaving all of the family jewels in the safety deposit box at the bank and bringing nothing of value. Better safe than sorry.


that sounds like you had some trouble… huuummm I am re-thinking my previous stand… still want to wear my wedding band though…


I wear jewelry down there, just not my good jewelry. I love my bling and when I am all sunkist and brown is when I like to wear it the most.
Take some, just stuff that you would not be heart broken if it dissapeared.


Last year I went to the $ store and picked up a few pairs of cheap earrings. I wear my wedding band and family ring. I leave my adornments in the safe when I’m not wearing them.

While out and about, in any city, if you are wearing a neck chain, watch out for the snack and grab artists.


Ok guys here is a great bling story! On the big xmas xcape to Casa del Mar I was on the pier and plop I heard my cz bling bracelet drop into the water off the pier! YIKES! One of the animation team members jumped in and tried to get it…no luck…I snorkled there the next day or two…no lluck! Everyone was asking me if I found it and I finally gave it up for gone, saying I hoped that someone found it and gave it to their girlfriend or better yet a fish eats it and a fisherman catches him and opens him up and finds it and gives it to his wife! Yes, I know I have quite an imagination! LOL! Well don’t you know my last night at the resort one of the animation guys came up to me and gifted me with my bracelet! Goes to show the honesty and love that I experience at Casa Del Mar! I guess the old adage if you love it let it go comes to play in this. Anyway I thought you all might get a laugh!

all the best,


At home, I have a ring on almost every finger - 3 on my wedding finger - wedding band, 20th anniv. ring and my engagement ring. Before we leave the house, I take all except my wedding band off and put it in my safe. This applies no matter where we are going - not just the Dominican.

I have 2 concerns - (1) if I lost them or, (2) getting sand in them. Figure the people who live there already think we are rich because we can afford to come there and, the other tourist probably have better than I do anyway…

Mine have more sentimental value than $$ value but, I like to take care of them.

As far as the CZ - if there is a dishonest person around, how do they know just by looking that it is not real? Hate to be robbed for fake jewellery!!! JMHO.

Having said that, we have never felt unsafe while travelling - except sometimes in a vehicle :o - have you seen how they drive??

Have a great time leaflady and just take the same precautions you would in a big city at home…



I wear nothing down, and put everything in a safty deposit box. I would not risk it. Like they say “hind sight is 20/20”


I take lotsa fake bling and leave it there for the staff. If they admire it and like it I give it to them and I always leave two or things with some money and a note of thanks for the staff that go the extra mile. Once, while visiting a local bar in Cabarete, a little darling 5-7 y/o girl sang happy birthday in english to us, we were so impressed. I took her little hand and placed a bracelet on her wrist. Her little face lit up. Worth the whole trip. Just my two cents worth. Raine :sunglasses:


Raine, I do the same thing. Everybody win, and is happy. :slight_smile:


There are stores (particularly in NYC) that sell “travel jewelry”. While its not dirt cheap, you can have your bling and not worry about stuff.

Having said that, I have ONE pr of gold earrings that I do not take off. I have a very good watch that I do NOT take off (BOught it specially so I could swim with it). I have one gold chain that stays in the room safe and I have never had a problem at any hotel.

Now, what I DO have to do is put a post-it or something similar on the back of my room door to remind myself to check that the safe is closed.