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Varadero, Finding Cuban friends Nestor & Letty

This is a very long shot but I am hoping to track down a Cuban couple I met almost 20 years ago.
His name is Nestor Fadraga and at the time he worked in the scuba diving industry in one of the resorts in Varadero. He was a little bit heavy, had curly hair and straight teeth. He would be in his 40’s now.
Her name is Letty Mumis or Munis she wanted to be a pharmacist so she might be harder to find. She has curly hair too and would be around 40 years old.
I have their address in Cardenas from 20 years ago. I did write several times but never heard back so they most likely moved or never got my letters. We spent about two weeks hanging out almost every day and they really showed us a good time.
I have their photos and old address. No idea if they are a couple any more. Any advice on how I might find them? What to do or not to do?

What a fabulous reason to hire a driver/interpreter and go on a little investigative trip to Cardenas armed with the old photos and address. That would be a wonderful little adventure…

That would be a wonderful little documentary! “Finding Nestor and Letty: The Cardinal Story.”

So there are no issues these days with locals fraternizing with tourists? They were questioned by police several times as to why they were hanging out with foreigners back then. It would not be an issue or bring them or their families any trouble if I were to try to hunt them down in Cardenas?

One must always use common sense in dealings with locals (Cuba is still a police state) but finding an old friend from 20 years ago… I can’t imagine a problem. In fact, the police station would be one of my first stops. If they could dig up some current info on their computer and point you in the right direction I’d ask for the Chief’s business card and donate a bottle of rum for their trouble…

I would be surprised to hear about anyone having problems “fraternizing with tourists” these days - especially in a town as close to Varadero as that.