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Varadero Hotel Reservation Question

Hi Everyone,

Our group has three adults and we are traveling from the US to Mexico and then Cuba, we will be in Varadero in early Feb for four nights, our flights from Mexico City to Havana are booked and I have some questions about hotel reservation in Cuba,

1, How can we book the Varadero resort at a better price? I checked many websites and they all give very expensive quotes comparing to the vacation package offered on those Canadian travel agencies. I wrote to the Cuban local travel agencies, but they haven’t replied me… Some people said I could book the resort via local travel agency once I am in Cuba, but I would prefer booking everything in advance especially considering my American phone number won’t work there.

2, For the resort hotel, can three adults stay in one room? How would the hotel charge us? I am travelling with my parents so a suite with three separate beds would be ideal, otherwise two queen-size is good too.


Cdn. travel operators book a block of rooms at the resorts they offer and that’s how they get the good prices. You may find it better to go via Toronto than via Mexico but that’s something you will have to decide. Many Americans do exactly that. There are 3 or 4 night options available but not sure why you would stay less than one week. Staying at a casa might be another option. Minor detail, but if you book a tour pkg. via Toronto, the Cuban Visa is included in the cost. Otherwise you will have to pay 25 CUC departure tax each.
Usually, there will be 2 queen beds and a daybed or cot option and yes, 3 adults can stay in one room normally. Best to check your exact hotel regulations. Three to a room is a bit cheaper pp but not much since the food & drink in Cuba is a very minor component of the total price.

Another option (and I know this has been done) is to book a 3 day trip out of Toronto, and just keep your plans via Mexico, and not use the flight from Toronto. You’ll obviously have to tell the TA you’ll just be using the room and won’t be flying. If you don’t show up for the flight they may not keep the room for you otherwise.

If you’re not fixed on a particular hotel you could wait for the best price out of Toronto, even up to just a few days out.

[quote=@dax] Minor detail, but if you book a tour pkg. via Toronto, the Cuban Visa is included in the cost. [strong]Otherwise you will have to pay 25 CUC departure tax each.[/strong]
[/quote][p]Dax, could you please clarify your comment. I realize things are constantly changing in Cuba but I was not aware of a change in the departure tax. We go every year and have always had to pay the [em]departure tax[/em], at the airport, when we leave Cuba (25 CUC per person). We have never had it “built in” to our package price and I know of no one else that has. In fact, we leave in a few weeks and I did not see anything on our invoice referencing the departure tax was included.  The visa is included as in the past.[/p][p]

OOOPS, my mistake. Was thinking of Mexico. Senior moment. Sorry.

Ha,ha…you did have me scouring the fine writing on my e-tickets which I received yesterday :slight_smile:

HI - please check your message box at the top of the page. I sent you a pm.

Thanks so much for all the replies, I booked Blau Privilege Cayo Libertad Hotel, it is a little bit over budget but that is the best deal I can find online. It looks like a high season for that particular week even Canadian travel sites don’t have any attractive vacation packages.

I am suprised the Blau Privilege would be the best deal you could find online. I would say it is at the higher end of pricey for Varadero. But perhaps the unqiue circumstances surrounding your booking had something to do with it.

Enjoy the vacation, Varadero is a great place!

HL, have a wonderful time and, if you have any questions about your upcoming vacation, people here will be happy to help you out :slight_smile: