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Varadero Hotels

Since this is my 1st time going to Varadero Cuba next month and I am down to 2 hotels to choose from… They are the BLAU and Barcelo Solymar. Can someone advise me which is better… Your help will be greatly appreciated in making my decision of which one to choose from…Thanks…

68 visits…I am shocked and very surprised that not 1 single person could answer my simple question. Are people really that shy or non caring?? I am 100% sure that people went to 1 of these hotels in the past. They answer to soo many other topics that don’t even make sense.

Perhaps if you provided more info on what would make one hotel better than another for you?

For example, I believe the Blau is a tower-type structure, which is a definite turn-off for me.

I haven’t been to the Barcelo Solymar, but have only heard good comments and I have recommended it to some people, all of whom enjoyed their stay there.

I have not stayed at either of those hotels but nearby and the comparison I could make is that the Solymar is within walking distance of the markets of the centre of the town; whereby, the Blau, I believe, is further out on the Peninsula requiring transportation to get into the markets and centre of Varadero. The beach is lovely no matter which hotel you stay at. The Solymar looks like a big checkerboard building and I’ve read good reviews about it. I think the Blau may be priced lower than the Solymar depending on the deal offered but generally speaking, the Solymar is higher priced but the convenience to town is a plus.

Better in what why?

We’ve stayed at the Solymar but not the Blau. We don’t like staying at resorts with a “hotel tower” feel even if they offer elevators.

When we stayed at the Barcelo, where the main building is a tower, we asked to transfer to the bungalows which were also closer to the beach. Having a room located directly above the disco was not pleasant!

We also like that “open air” feeling when vacationing in tropical locations. The Solymar buffet was totally enclosed and air conditioned so we prefered to eat at the beachfront Rancheron.

From the reviews, the Solymar has changed A LOT since we vacationed there, so I don’t consider my views to be as relevant anymore.

Solymar has a great beachfront and wins for proximity to town (walking distance) if getting off the resort is important to you.

I wouldn’t stay in a tower type resort so if I had to choose between the two I’d select the Solymar. Being closer to town is also somewhat preferable. Both have nice beaches. I seem to remember something about the music at the Blau. Was it that there was a great house band or maybe it had no live music? Can’t remember which. ???

Thank you to all the people who answered me. Much appreciated of your comments…Will help in making my decision…

I have stayed at both hotels, Blau is more modern but more drab as far as vegetation goes. We are going back to Solymar in three weeks, the vegetation and beach are beautiful at Solymar but the
rooms are a little more aged.
You will have a good time at either hotel. :slight_smile:

Please keep us posted, and be sure to let us know how your trip was!

Typically, I don’t like to stay in ‘tower’ type buildings either, but the Blau was an exception.

I stayed in an oceanview room on the 10th floor, and really enjoyed it. The rooms are well equipped, and the balcony was very large – great place for reading all night! The Blau is much, much quieter than the Solymar (which seems to have more of a party atmosphere, and is closer to the town). There were lots of activities, but not in an in-your-face-way. The lobby bar is the spot where many people congregate in the evening, the piano bar is much more subdued.

The buffet was large and well laid out, lunch was available at the pool grill. The beach bar had the regular burgers & sandwiches, and stayed open late at night … maybe even all night!

I don’t like a hotel that has too much emphasis on partying, and Blau certainly doesn’t … in a good way. People who want to party-hearty are ‘gently encouraged’ towards the beach bar, where there is no chance of the music or noise reaching the hotel.

The pool is quite large (and cold!). Lots of loungers on the beach.

Thanks People for the additional info. It’s making my decision much easier now with all your help. Much Appreciated…Without YOU it would have been IMPOSSIBLE>>>>>>

I was at Barcelo Solymar about a year ago and it was fantastic. Close to town, good food, nice staff. I’d certainly go back.

If you need details or would like to see photos of the resort and surrounding area, send me a PM.

I think the big bonus of Solymar is the proximity to town. Walking distance man!

I have not stayed at the Blau but have stayed at Solymar and i will say that the proximity of Solymar and the fact that you are in bungalos makes it a better choice in my mind. We did stay beside the Blau this year at the Turquesa and it was a real pain to get into Varadero, it was in sane trying to get on the tourist bus. If you don’t mind paying cab fare going into Varadero it might not be an issue. At any rate the beaches are all great any where along the strip. Enjoy.