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Varadero Hotels

Looking to make last minute trip to Varadero. I’ve been before, Barlovento off-season when only 15% occupied so food very limited, had great time regardless! Travelling companion is not fussy at all. So, we have reasonable expectations for food and accomodations.

Having said that…reading the reviews of the places available for our dates is pretty depressing. I know, grain of salt, but wow there is a ton of negativity. It’s really hard to decide when over half the reviewers say they’d never go back, in all cases.

We’re weighing options like Arenas Blancas, Sol Sirenas Coral, Oasis 1920…but even pricier resorts like Melia Las Antillas and Sol Palmeras takes a bashing. Barcelo Marina gets rated a bit better but I really would like to be more central. Those seem to be the choices.

If someone could chime in with even a “meh, it’ll do” or “truly horrific” on any of these, that would be great.

Don’t forget the Barcelo Solymar. We were there a few years ago ( our first time in Cuba) and LOVED IT. Have friends who go there every year.

Doesn’t help you now, but we are booked at MLA for a week in April and I’ll try to write an informative non-biased review w/ pictures.

We stayed at the Blau Varadero in January 2009 and LOVED it!!!

I just came back from the Oasis 1920 two days ago, and it was probably the best week of my life. I absolutely loved it there!!! Very well worth the money, great hotel, and the staff and service were better than anything I’ve ever seen in Canada!

Thanks everyone for their input.

End result was that a Mayan Riviera 5* ended up showing as less than $100 more than Sol Sirenas Coral, so as much I was looking forward to Varadero, couldn’t resist.