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Varadero in January

We are looking to book for a week in January from the 21-28 and was curious about what it’s like there…the past two years we have traveled to the DR. I have been looking at the temps and it seems that it can get coolish there… any info would be appreciated


I was in Cuba at that end of January last year and the days were very nice and warm and the evenings cooled down but not to bad. Only once did I have to put on a jacket. Either way there is no SNOW and its beautiful with the sun and sand :wink:

If you bear in mind that Miami is about 200 miles (350 km) from Veradero, the weather is comparable. Warm and pleasant during the day, some days downright hot, and light-jackets for the evenings.

However, if you intend to travel to the south/Caribbean side of the island, the weather is generally considerably warmer and the water calmer.

[quote=@ksw5487]We are looking to book for a week in January from the 21-28 and was curious about what it’s like there.


Hi Kim and welcome to the forum!

We have traditionally travelled to Cuba many times during the same week you have mentioned to celebrate a family birthday.

We’ve always had exceptionally nice weather:- sunny, a few clouds, no humidity, no rain, little wind

A light sweater for the evenings is recommended although we didn’t need to use it for the last two January trips to Cayo Santa Maria and Holguin.

Also, keep in mind that the further south you go, the warmer the daytime temps are likely to be. Where in Cuba were you thinking of vacationing?

You can check the historical weather patterns for various destinations in Cuba at www.wunderground.com

Thanks for the welcome!! this forum is just as friendly as the DR forum… we have booked Iberostar in Varadero…I have actually read alot of good things about this resort so that is very encouraging… looking forward to it…I guess it will be much better to +75 or so rather than the -?? in Innisfil!!LOL

We were in Varadero earlier than that in January
and the weather was lovely

You will enjoy the Iberostar Varadero! It is a good solid resort, very well laid out. Bring a light sweater for the evenings “just in case”, like the others said, and you will be fine.

The following link will give you the historical weather results for Varadero during your travel period over the last few years.