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Vegetable seeds :)

I was thinking of going to my local garden center and picking up some vegetable seeds. Can you take them and give them out in Cuba? And also what kinds of seeds would be good for them to grow???

Please don’t take seeds to Cuba.

You’ll be introducing non-native species of plants to a country that has an outstanding seed bank project which has been ongoing for many years.

Here in Canada, we have many invasive cross pollinated plant species which were introduced from the “old world” (probably very innocently) and they have become the bane of many a gardener/horticulturalist.

Bringing seeds across borders is not at all a good idea, for the reasons that YVRick mentioned. Cuba has mostly organic, non-contaminated crops - meaning native to their soils, and not cross-bred with international varieties, including those that may be genetically modified. There has been experience here in NS (and other places) with ‘imported’ plants taking over native areas that have caused huge problems.
While the thought of bringing things to help Cubans is great, something else for a gardener would be more appropriate - work gloves, small tools, etc.

:-/One year when we went to Camaguey someone had seeds in their bag and the customs in Cuba went through their bags and found them. The officers were very angry and gave them a really strong tongue lashing. We brought apples one year for ourselves to eat on the plane but did not eat them and when they were found in our bags we were very sternly told that this was tabu and they threw them out.

Thank You for the info. I will not bring seeds…“scratch scratch”

If one wanted to purchase vege seeds in Cuba to give to someone, does anyone know where to shop for them? So many things can be grown in containers making it possible for Cubans, even lacking gardens, to grow things like tomatoes, beans, etc.