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Very Early Booking

Em & I just booked for the CVJ in April/13. By far this is the earliest we have ever booked.

I was not only surprised to see price listings for the 12/13 season this early in the year the prices seem very good as well. In the past it seemed to me that the prices initially listed were a ‘tad’ high and moderated when the vendors started to push their products in the fall or else we waited for a good price on a late booking / last minute basis.

We also got a one time price protection this year something I had not seen before. I should also note that my observations apply to Halifax departures. Clearly the Toronto / Montreal market is very different.

So while I am glad we got a good price I am not looking forward to the long wait until our next Cuban vacation. Perhaps I have to keep my eyes on a good price for a fall trip…:wink:

Anyone else jumping into really early booking this year?


Hi Jenn…I jumped early as well June 11th. LOL For April 2013.

First time this early for me as well, last time I booked in September.

Our price for our resort was cheaper than it was last time even cheaper than the group rate so we jumped real quick and it has gone up $130pp since.

Loved the addition of the price protection as well. Plus by booking this early we were able to all(5 couples) get club class. :slight_smile:

The great price was a real surprise to me especially with Transat, as they are usually higher than the rest. Sunwing usually is the lower priced vacation so to see Transat…I guess they wanted to have first dibs on the eager beavers. LOL

Just a little over 300 days or so away. :slight_smile:

We were, finally, able to confirm our booking for a Feb . 1st departure. The hold up for us was waiting for Air Canada Vacations to sign a deal with Breezes Jibacoa. We always lock in early to get two limited items: a suite at the resort (only 10 available) and Executive Class seats (only 14 on the plane). Now we are just waiting for ACV to contact the resort and lock in a suite and then we’ll be sent our confirmation receipt. Prices are up, at least for our selection, but they go up every year. I’m pleased to get, for the first time, this price reduction protection. Watch the small print. With ACV (and I’m guessing the other tour operators are similar) YOU have to keep track of the prices, they won’t contact you about a price drop! Also, it’s only good up to 21 days prior to your departure.

Good for you seffiej. I have read the fine print as well. I’m pretty good about keeping a watch for a drop in price and have actually set a price alert on itravel2000 just in case I miss it. LOL

The price reduction available 21 days from departure, would be great if it was up until lets say 1 week. LOL That was one of the reason we opted to not take the group rate as you only get a guarantee 60 days from departure. We also couldn’t use airmile tripcentral travel certificates.

I will be very surprised if the rate goes down as it was an awesome price, having said that I did notice that Sunwing/Signature are now selling the adults only section even though Transat’s brochure states “exclusive to Transat”…could be interesting as Sunwing’s prices go up and down like crazy.

We will see. It’s all good no matter, we are happy with what we paid and having club class. If we get a reduction that will be the icing on the cake. :slight_smile:

We booked today for March 29, 2013 with Nolitours - the price was excellent - got Club Class as well as price drop guarantee and the option to change the date up to 3 hours before departure!!! Don’t know why the good deals are so early but I’m not complaining!!! :slight_smile: Also got Club Class so that’s a bonus too …only 276 sleeps…lol

Good prices, great perks and lots of selection. I could book right now for a $50 deposit, if only others would take the chance to book this early.

Most I know want to wait till winter gets here or see if prices drop etc, but I am telling them with these type of options, there are going to be fewer empty spots which will result in very few “last min deals” or at the very least, fewer options!

Geez you guys are lucky, we are looking for something from Ottawa for the end of Nov and can’t really find a good deal.

monctonguy, who do you book with that will take a $50 deposit?

Cubajunkie… sounds like you got a great deal too. We didn’t get a date change option with our booking but we are rather happy with the good price and one time price protection. We only had to put down a $50 deposit each with thee balance due in Dec. Other than the long wait we are jazzed to be heading back to our 2nd home… the CVJ…:wink:


jethro…we paid the $50 deposit for our early booking with Transat, but I think most are doing something similar. Each month later than August you loose something. Here is the link.


Yeah, Nolitours and Transat for sure. I think Sunwing has something similar as well.

The $50 is only good till the end of Aug, then it goes to $150 I think.

With the price drop coverage, really can’t go wrong!!

OK, thanks Guys and Gals
I’ve always had to put down $200 with Itravel2000, and nolitours, I’ll deffinately look into this.

CVJ is hard to beat this year. Nolitours is pushing the market, at least from Atlantic Canada.

We’ve always had to put down $250 pp as a deposit with, in the past, Nolitours and, just the other week, with Air Canada Vacations. As long as we pay in full by Sep. 30th, we get a discount of $499.94 pp and a further $200 for paying prior to Oct. 31st for of total of $699.94 discount per person (just under $1400 saving). We’ve, also, got our seats in Executive Class and I found out, yesterday, that the plane being used, out of Vancouver, for our flight has the “Executive Suite” seats or, as I call them, “the pods”. Needless to say, we are thrilled; talk about flying in style :D.

Hi Steffie, those are excellent savings on your trip. I’m glad to see that companies do that! In the past we have always paid in full at time of booking, even if it is many, many months in advance. :frowning: We will have to keep these discounts in mind from now on.

I’ve seen a photo of those ‘pods’ and that will be like travelling on Air Emirates almost. ;D Your plane must be one of the first ones that AC is introducing them on flights to the Caribbean. What good luck for you and the dh! ;D Enjoy the flight and BJ in Feb…

WOW steffiej…I have walked by the"Pods" heading to economy and have to say they do look amazing and comfortable. Lucky you.

I was hoping that our club class would be the new design with 12 seats but it’s not looking like it will be. I think they are revamping the larger aircraft first and leaving the little 330 for last.

Great savings for you as well.

Travelchick…the Air Emirates first class…WOW we should all be so lucky LOL Maybe one day. They sure know how to do things up right over that part of the world.

LOL, I’m just keeping my fingers crossed that they don’t change the plane before our departure…you know what airlines are like ::slight_smile: I’m looking forward to 6+ hours in the air like this:

By the way, when you are looking at prices, on line, especially with AC Vacations, you need to do a “dummy” booking to see the savings. Sunwing shows the savings up front. I haven’t looked at other operators as these are the only two flying out of Vancouver. Also, to get these discounts, you have to pay in full by a certain date. In our case, Sept. 30th. Once the “pay in full” dates have come and gone, the discounts are dropped and you face price increases and then will have to hope for “sales”.

ACV always sneaks in an extra $50 or more when you do the dummy booking. Been like that for years. It’ll be interesting to see if PriceGuard works this season.

Poor you, Steffiej - not sure how you’ll cope with all that luxury! You might not want to get off the plane when you get there.

That looks awesome! I esp like the look of that self-serve bar! :wink: