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Veterinarian Dog Supplies to Havana


For those of you that are not aware my name is Terry and I run the Spanky Project.
Working with groups in Havana and Trinidad we operate population control programs and support protectoras that take in street dogs.

I have received a generous donation of near 300 packs of Heartgard Plus for dogs.
If you are heading to Havana and or Trinidad from Canada and have some extra space in your luggage I could use your help.
Each pack contains six doses of the chewable medication. All packs are factory sealed


I thank you for your consideration.

About the Cuba category

Big thumbs up Terry. The Spanky Project rocks.

All the best to you.


Great work Terry, I’ll stick the request at the top for awhile so that others can see the immediate need and then we’ll turn the Spanky Project into an ongoing FAQ’s.

It looks like a good way to get away from the resorts, meet some cool Cubans
and help a worthy cause. :slight_smile:



This looks like a great cause Terry - thanks for the link. I will definitely be contacting you before my next visit to Cuba to see what I can do to help…

Keep up the good work!! :slight_smile:


Hi Terry,

This is the first I’ve heard of this project and it looks excellent. I am a veterinary student at Atlantic Veterinary College (PEI) and I was wondering if you have ever contacted any of the veterinary colleges to see if vacationing students, faculty or staff would be interested in taking supplies down?


Thank goodness for people and projects such as this. It broke my heart when I went to Varadero and saw the poor little dogs in the streets. One little fellow was so flea-bitten, he had almost no hair left and there he sat begging for food as people passed by. He had such a kind personality and suffered so terribly. I bought him a hamburger and gave him some water but the worms probably got the benefit of that meal. You feel so helpless when you see these animals.


avcvetstudent - Thanks for checking in. I have yet to approach veterinary colleges. I have been contacted by students from Holland the USA and one, now two, from Canada.
I am a member of Veterinarians Without Borders Canada and I would like with their assistance to develop projects that involve more students and Vets.

avcvetstudent can you spread the word down east about the Spanky Project?

Trillium thanks for getting a burger for the little guy. Thousand Islands … I’m in Prince Edward County we’re almost neighbours.

I still have Heartgard that needs to make it’s way to Havana. I live near Belleville Ontario and visit Toronto once or twice a month.
If you can help deliver some of these factory sealed package I would love to hear from you. Heartgard is temperature sensitive so I would prefer to drop off to a location of your choice, post is not an option at this time of year.

Thanks to all that have visited and supported this thread.


I am going down to Varadero on February 23rd and my dad is actually a veterinarian, and if there is anything I can do to help out I would love to offer assistance


Hi Keelinor,
It’s people like yourself and others that make this world a nicer place


avcvetstudent Thanks for the email. I’m looking forward to helping you and those at AVC help the furry ones in Cuba.

keelinor I sent you a PM. Will you dad be joining you?


I have an animal-loving but oblivious female friend who went to Varadero last year and said she would not return because of the stray dogs she saw. She said that she never saw stray dogs in Mexico and so she preferred to go there next time. I said “Why do you really think you do NOT see stray dogs in Mexico? It is because they kill them.” Oh…she said.


If those of you going to the Camaguey area care to help the animals here is a drop off location.

Consejo Cientifico Veterinario
Attn:President Margarita Acosta.
Calle 10 # 301,Reparto Vista Hermosa, Camaguey.
telephone 297 980


Regarding the vet charitable work being done in Cuba, a suggestion was made to contact vets on the east coast. I am in Halifax and recently returned from my first trip to Cuba. I was horrified by what I saw in Havana. I literally watched a little white (and obviously sick) dog lie down on the side walk and die in front of the Capitol building. Locals just walked around her like she was nothing. I saw dogs in terrible condition, throughout our tour and again, the locals didn’t seem to pay any attention. It is great to see that there are organizations there that are helping. My question is, has anyone made contact with any vets in Nova Scotia that are willing to help? I will definitely be returning to Cuba and would like to take veterinarian supplies (or pet store items) with me. I would also like to visit these organizations and see for myself what it is that they are doing.
If anyone has a list of vets/pet stores/other organizations that are willing to help, please email me at amb-hgn@hotmail.com


Ambhgn, I’m sorry to hear you were so horrified by what you saw in Havana. It’s unfortunate,
but in many countries, people look upon those dogs as a nuisance and no longer cute when they
grow out of puppy hood. Many are tossed on the streets to fend for themselves. It’s sad and a terrible shame.

I’m not sure if we saw the same white dog as you. We were in Havana in March and this dog caught my eye, the poor thing. Could barely walk and was obviously sick and in pain. I shared my granola bar shed more than a few tears as it took the pieces ever so gently. Many people didn’t even notice the dog lying on the sidewalk, almost walking into it. Had I been at home, I wouldn’t have hesitated to take it to a vet. But in Cuba, what do you do? Your heart goes out to the ‘forgotten’ ones. I have an ironic photo of that day, the hustle of the city, tourists wandering around. And what stands out in the picture? The dog lying on the cold concrete sidewalk.

I shared my lunch with a few ‘restaurant’ dogs as the locals call them. None broke my heart
like that dog, on that day in Havana.

It would be nice to see what those organizations are doing and what supplies are needed. I’m in Toronto, so not sure what help I can be. But let me know.


I think it is important to note that many Cubans really love their pets and cry as we do when they fail. They have no means or often supplies to care for them as we do in north America or England. The pets that I have seen are as loved and cared for as any beloved pet here at home, to the limits of what they have to offer.


i am going to jibacoa on may 22 - i could take stuff to havana for you if you tell me where i would need to go


From what I’ve seen in the parts of Mexico where I’ve lived household patio dogs kill any stray street dogs. Dogs, cats, and some other pets either live in a family patio and are taken care of by their family or become wild which can become dangerous to humans. Campesinos when finding wild domestic animals such as dogs or cats will have no mercy on these, and rabies is always a concern in the tropics.



Hey Radar,
What have you planned for this fall?


Thanks for asking Spunky.
First there is still a great need for antibiotics. If you can help purchase and deliver to Havana you would be saving the lives of several dogs and cats.

Now for developing projects …
The Ministry of Culture is in possession of a Carta de Intencion … a proposal for a project at Finca Vigia / Museo Hemingway.

A free massive sterilization of 100 dogs / cats is in the planning stages for Old Havana.

Cuba’s first Cat Café is in the works for Old Havana.

Continued support for several Havana veterinary clinics is ongoing.

Should anyone have some extra luggage space / weight allowance … your purchase and delivery of supplies would be most welcome. This could be something as simple as a box of surgical gloves.

It looks like the coming months will be busy ones for the Spanky Project.


[quote=@spunky]Hey Radar,
What have you planned for this fall?[/quote]
Well Spunky we are on the road again.

The sterilization campaña of 25 dogs at the end of our visit is part of the 100 the Spanky Project is funding in Habana Vieja.

Travel season is approaching. I have received numerous message from the kind hearted ready and willing to collect and delivery supplies.

If you are heading to Havana or Trinidad I can provide you with a drop off location.

I thank you all.

¡Buen viaje!