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Victoria Golf Resort/Gran Ventana

I’m trying to find out if first time visitors to either resort can go to the other resort for meals. I have been told by returning guests that you can but the Guest Services Manager@ Victoria has emailed that it is not allowed. I know that returning guests for both resorts wear pink armbands. What color do the other guests wear for each resort?

first timers wear white with black checker wrist bands…also, upgrading to a junior suite will also get you a pink wrist band

I don’t think your correct Jimmy. I have them both in front of me, 1st timers wear Green w/Black checker and returning wear White with Blue triangles. The pink maybe for those who have been there quit often or have a share, this I don’t know.

our first time there was a green/black wrist band too…then the white…this year repeaters and people who upgraded to jr suites had hot pink ones…just like the ones at the Gran ventana…at least that’s the way it was 2 weeks ago

I was at the Victoria for 3 weeks one month ago and as a repeat guest (7th time) I had a pink and purple checkered band. I had access to all meals buffet or a la carte (reservation required) at the Gran Ventana. The first time visitors had a green band and did not.

A first time visitor does not have access to the sister resort (Gran Ventana) for meals or to make reservation at the a la carte restaurants or vice versa. I have heard if you upgrade to a junior suite you do have access.

Ruth is correct - repeat guest at both Victoria & Gran Ventana have the hot pink bracelets. The new guests at Victoria have green and the new guests at Gran Ventana have white - that is how they know which hotel you are staying in. The white looks very similar to the old repeat ones except they have a checker design vs. the old triangle design on the back.

This is as of this year. When we arrived on Jan. 15 and they put the pink on us, I thought they had made a mistake but, obviously they change it up from time to time so people cannot give friends their old bracelets and let them come in without paying.

As Jimmy & Ruth stated, if you pay for a Junior Suite, you get the same bracelet as the repeat guests and can use either resort for food and drink - otherwise, it is as if you were staying at any resort and trying to use another resort without paying.

BTW, Gran Ventana and Victoria do NOT have time shares so you will NOT be hassled by time share salesmen!

Well, now I’m really confused. In talking with someone on tripadvisor that just came back last week from Victoria, new guest with a green band, they were able to eat in the buffet and the beach restaurant at Gran Ventana. I guess we will just do the upgrade to Junior Suite, hope for the best. We only vacation like this once a year so might as well do it right. I know we will have a wonderful time, no matter what.
Ruth, looking forward to meeting you and thanks to you and the rest.

Well, I’m just going by what I was told and, you said you had an e-mail from the Victoria telling you the same thing.

I know there is some confusion at the GV because they have discontinued the evening entertainment at the Victoria and have said people could go to the shows at the GV… Once they go there, can they drink??? We were at the Tiki Bar once when 2 ladies from the Victoria (with green bracelet) sat down and asked for a drink - the bartender was not sure as she had not been told if they could drink there. She did serve them but really appeared uncomfortable about it. If they weren’t allowed to drink there and her supervisor had come over, she could have really been in trouble - maybe even lost her job.

We were at the beach restaurant one day at noon and 2 couples came in and sat down… one couple had a white band, one couple had a green band. The Captain came over to their table and told the couple with the green band that they could not eat there as they were not staying there. Guess it depends on who is working and if they understand the rules.

I am many times in Gran Ventana and just returned last week. This is the right story
Pink is for repeaters in both hotels, they can use facilities from both hotels. Green is for 1st visitors Victoria, they are allowed to go to the beach of gran ventana and use the buffet, snack and bars (they are not allowed to use the a la carte). 1st time vistors from gran ventana have a white bracelet. They are not allowed to go to the victoria at all.

Kind regards

Sorry to disagree with you Chicabianca but the Victoria guests with the green wristband are allowed over in the evening to watch the show and may have a drink, they are not supposed to eat at any time and should not be drinking through the day. I feel the management need to let the staff and the guests know more clearly what is and is not allowed as it is causing a lot of confusion all round. In the past when I was at the Vic as a reapeater I took a newby to the GV to watch the show and at that time they could watch but not have drinks, now the Vic has only low key entertainment and not every night they have allowed all to go to the GV for the evenings but not for eating (unless upgraded and wearing the PINK wristband)

Cheers Amandalou :-*

How far back do they look to consider you a “repeat” guest? We haven’t been there for 8 years, so I assume that’s too long ago.
Anybody know?

A repeat is a repeat…infact i’m not even sure they check…while we were at the Gran Ventana people told us they lied about being there before and were given pink bracelets