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Victoria or Riu/Bachata/3 Resorts

Hey all Debbies’ friends.
What do you think of these two spots and is the shuttle to the beach from the Victoria a problem or is the restuarant/bar and private beach a good tradeoff for the distance.
What about the Bachata; must take a few minutes to get down to the beach and is there a bar or snack shop right there or do we have to walk down to the Mambo beach?
What about the airport trip?
Is there any shopping at the Riu’s
Thanks to everyone in advance.

Hi Spunky I can only comment on the Victoria as I have not stayed at the Riu’s only passed through from time to time. The shuttle is no problem fairly regular through the day between 9am and 5pm (Dominican timing, if it’s wet and no-ones on the beach they reduce the times, also they stop for lunch for a Dominican hour) That said it is only a ten minute,if that, stroll from the Victoria to the beach. Sorry to disillusion you but the beach is not what I would call private, there is an area purely for Victoria guests but the water front is public and everyone can and does wander up and down the beach. The beach bar opens at 10am and food is served from 12.30pm, the drinks are all the usuals and the food is very good, Chicken, Fish, Chilli, Nachos etc.

Cheers Amandalou :-*

Hey Spunky, I do not know about the Victoria as we have never stayed there. We have however stayed at RIU Merengue and RIU Bachata. In fact we are booked for the Bachata again this Feb.
The trip from the airport to the resort does take a while. The airport is east of the city of Puerto Plata and the RIU’s are west of the city. It’s probably a good 1/2 to 3/4 of an hour.
You do not have to go the Mambo for a snack/spirt bar. They have them at all 3 resorts.
Depending upon which building you are in will depend on the walk to the beach, but it is not bad at all. The beach is private, so no one trying to sell you anything (unless you go to their huts).
As far as shopping goes…they have a Caribbean Street with several little shops…prices are sometime a little steep. One night a week they bring in locals and they set up their things to sell in the lobby. You can often banter and get a pretty good price.
Hope the info helps…