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Video: Landing At Puerto Plata Airport Video.Fun!


Feels like your exactly in the airplane when it lands at the Puerto Plata Airport(never doone it personally yet though-soon) At the same moment everyone here on the ‘North Coast Board’ is occupying the other seats…!! Hola!!

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


OOOOHHHHH you got me all excited now. CAnt wait. Nice footage


I’ve always sat on the other side of the plane so I’ve never had the chance to see Montellano from the air, lovely. Might see if I can get that side of the plane next week! Montellano is the area of buildings just beyond the very white/cream buildings in a square as you fly over, the white/cream building are for the relocation of locals from Bergantin point as there are hopes for a hotel to be built there so the ‘shanty’ town that was there got ‘moved’. You can also see the main road on this shot that takes you from the airport to Playa Dorada and Puerto Plata and beyond. Sosua is the opposite way.

Cheers and thanks for that, Amandalou :-*


gets me excited!!! just hope this landing doesn’t get me sick. i don’t handle landings to well when they are sharp



For the record, the hard landings are better (from a business perspective). Less wear and tear on the tires.


lol, i want the less wear and tear on my stomach!!!



Great video…this makes my waiting for my landing next week that much longer!!


Your welcome…my problem is landing as I have a terrible ear pressure problem and nothing I have tried works; drugs earplugs, gum etc–My LEFT ear always stays plugged when the plane decends–and the pain cry cry cry!!! Enen when the stewerdess gives me hot towels in papercups, barely helps!!

l am always left with that ‘fishbowl syndrome’ for 2 days after the plane lands.


Hey! you should look into ear candling, its the best thing for that damn ear pressure problem


Only 4 weeks to go and we should be experiencing the landing


We will be there in 23 more sleeps - yippeeee. Nice video.


That was great , I felt that last bump (lol)


I’m all smiles… that will be us tomorrow! can’t wait…

One suggestion for ear pressure problem… (you most likely have tried) hold plastic cups over your ears. Sounds funny but it works for my friend


Plastic cups with paper towels and not too much hot water(you dont want to BURN your eardrums out…you should see the look on other passengers faces when I have them on and crying!! I am 6’6" tall what a SIGHT!!!, I look stupid, it somewhat helps, I got an over the counter spray last year in St.Maartin which did the trick on the way back to Canada–Called “AFRIN” noty available in Canada (though I wonder if I should get my PHARMACIST to put a name label on it as it is a “LIQUID” and not a prescription???