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VIK, a Disaster?


Okay, I know that I go through this almost every time I book a trip south. I read traveler reviews, check the forum, and have the crap scared out of me. Usually, my apprehensions are unfounded. I booked in Sept. what seemed a good choice considering location, reputation, price (four of us for two weeks) and quality. When I booked this trip, I knew I had booked a 4* not a 5* and my expectations were commensurate with the quality, service and amenities of a four star. However, it seems from an increasing number of reviews posted on TA, that the new management is intent on turning the old LTI into a 2*, and that whatever aspects of the resort were of some quality are rapidly deteriorating specifically the service and food. Does anyone know anything about VIK as an organisation and what their hotels and resorts are like, more specifically, what’s going on at the VIK Arena Blanca? Reading some good stuff will let me sleep better.

Adios ??? ???

Hi Neighbour …I was there when it was the LTI a few years ago. We loved the resort. I too had read how bad the food was prior to our trip and we were quite surprised at how good the food was and the variety was great. We certainly did not go hungry. The bb chicken at the grill down by the pool was excellent for lunch.

i personally wouldn’t base anything on trip advisor reviews. I find them usually to be extra critical. we cant go to poor countries and expect absolute perfection! of course the food is different, water pressure may be different, etc etc. dont go expecting perfection and you won’t be dissapointed.

You will find good and bad reviews on all review sites whether it is T/A or DR1, there are some on Debbie’s as well.
The more information the better informed a person will be.

Thanks folks. Hey Wud, I guess what I’m looking for is a purely objective perspective on the VIK and some information about this organisation. Basically, it seems that most of their resorts are located in Iceland, of all places, or they’re of the budget variety - the Big 8 of the resort world.

It is a budget resort for Punta Cana, nothing overly fancy. I just returned a week ago so I saw the reno’s being done. The bbq chicken at the pool grill is outstanding as were the pizza, burgs and fries. I prefered this to the buffet for lunch. Dinner there was a chinese grill and pasta station and always some of beef, chicken and fish. Not as huge a selection as other resorts I have been too, but for he price, I expected this. I never went hungry. Do not compare this resort to 5* as you will be dissappointed. I relaxed and had a good time. But that was just me.

Hey barriebrian, Thanks for your reply. I’m not expecting anything fancy, and I know it’s not a 5*. I promise to relax with my Presidente and Brugal. Please tell me that those are still in abundance and that they haven’t been replaced with Quisqeya and Columbus Rum. My concern is that it is becoming a third rate dive. Also, it’s almost impossible to find any information on the company itself. Afew weeks back, I found their website, which since then has disappeared.

The reviews I’ve read on this resort are mostly very positive and it seems they (VIK) are making some improvements to this four star resort. The food is good with lots of variety, little noise because of the construction, Presidente is still served, and the beach is as usual just great. If you expect a five star resort you will not get ti but after reading several reviews you will be happy with the four star rating it has.

They serve Presidente (draft) but if you want Brugal, make friends with the duty manager ( white shirt and tie) slip him a few $$ and you will be served your Brugal. The new rooms are very nice, they just haven’t finished blocks 3/4 yet. If you need an afternoon nap ask for a different block, you might hear some noise.

Thanks barriebrian and stillsdaughter,

You guys have managed to bring my heart rate right down to normal. I’m not expecting a five star - just a decent four star. As I wrote earlier I stayed next door at the Caribe Club Princess about five years ago. Before leaving we had read a number of often contradictory reviews. It turned out to be a very, very good resort. I have nothing bad to say about it. It, too, was a four star. We walked through the LTI property once to check it out. While it didn’t appear to be quiet as nice or new, it nevertheless, looked good. I remember that they were building the Cayene section at the time. I suppose that my concern is based on a number of recent very negative reviews on TA ( I have to read theirs because there have been so few reviews on this site recently). In addition, it’s almost impossible to find any information on the Vik company. All I know is that they have hotels in Iceland and other frigid countries, and goodness knows I need to get from frigid to mucho caloré. Also, barriebrian, I’m going to keep my eyes open for the guy in the white shirt and tie.
Thanks for your replies.

:slight_smile: Shadow, we stayed there when it was the LTI and we thought the beach was one of the nicest along the strip. Does this help? 8-). At the time (April '07) the rooms were a little out of date but nothing major and we thought the grounds were lovely! Very well maintained.

Stick to the beer, as the red wine was pretty bad. :stuck_out_tongue:

However, that may have changed with the new “ownership”.

A bad day in the DR is better than a good day at work (or so they say). :-*

Hey shirleyujest, Thanks for the encouragement. I’m familiar with the beach, and I’m so looking forward to being there again. My fear is that the new management rather than looking to improve the place has decided to go cheapy, cheapy, particularly in the quality of the food. I"ve been to the DR three times. I stayed next door at Caribe Club Princess, a 4*. The food was excellent, fresh, a large variety, and well prepared and presented. At the Bahia Principe Rio San Juan, also a 4*, the quality and choice was very good - no complaints. On our last trip we stayed at the Coral Oasis in P.P. - a 4.5* Again the food was great, by any standards. I’m not a food snob or a picky eater - I just want decent quality. When I booked this trip I researched it carefully. I was a little familiar with the place as we had stayed next door at the Caribe Club Princess and we checked it out. The Cayene section was being built at the time. I read many reviews, mostly positive, here, on TA and DR1. So I thought I had made a considered decision. The tone of the reviews however began to change shortly after the new ownership took control. I’ve read very little that’s positive other than “barriebrian’s” review. His review allows me to still have some hope that this trip will not be a disaster. There are four in my family who are going for two weeks. I could have booked a 5* for one week at about the same price, but I’d rather stay at a more modest place for two weeks. Maybe I should just stop reading reviews and than I wouldn’t have this knotted feeling in my gut. As you say, a bad day in the DR is better than a good day at work (or so they say). However knowing I could have chosen to go else where, I’m really questioning the wisdom of my choice. :frowning: >:( :o ::slight_smile:

I’m sure shadow that you are well aware that the Cayena Beach Club has it’s own section and people staying at the VIK cannot use their facilities which include a swimming pool swim up bar, restaurant, bar and a private spot near the beach. However people staying at the Cayena can go and use all the facilities at the VIK.

we were there in 2 years ago and it was very good ,the food was great , as said before the dining at the pool area was very good as was the service the 2nd week that is where we dine every night there instead of the buffet and the way things were set up in the buffet was excellent we recommended to family members who were there last year they loved it too as it is not a huge resort so easy to get around ,loved the beach too , I don’t think you have a thing to worry about , we just slipped into to see someone at the resort in late October and everything looked good still.

Hey eltigre62,

Thanks for your reponse. I really hope that our experience is as good as yours of two years ago. Most of the reviews of the old LTI were positive. That’s one of the reasons we picked it. Most of the negative comments apply to the new ownership and the changes that it has introduced. Specifically, according to the reviews, service and the variety and quality of food are mostly criticised. :o :o


The tide is turning. I’m starting to read good reviews and receiving positive and encouraging IM’s. I gotta say, I’m starting to get excited.

:sunglasses: ;D :sunglasses:


The tide is turning. I’m starting to read good reviews and receiving positive and encouraging IM’s. I gotta say, I’m starting to get excited.

:sunglasses: ;D 8-)[/quote]
Your going to get the good, bad and the pure ugly at any resort you go to whether it is in the DR, Cuba, Mexico or just about anywhere else. No resort is perfect but some come very close to it. Glad your upbeat now however. ENJOY!!


Does anyone have any info about the progress of renovations?

Shadow, relax you are going to worry yourself to death before you even get to Punta Cana!! Go with an open mind and you will have a great time…I did and had a blast.

Ditto what barriebrian stated. ENJOY with an open mind.