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Villa Cojiimar Cayo Coco

I am thinking of booking a vacation to Villa Cojiimar Cayo Coco. I have never been to Cuba. Was wandering if anyone has ever visited this resort and what did you think of the resort. Thanks. ??? :-/

Have you checked out the recent reviews on Debbies?


Otherwise, maybe aske specific questions if there is something specific you would like to know.

I am sure someone has been there, just not me, to offer assistance.

Actually, I have walked through the resort when I stayed at Melia Cayo Guillermo, and it looked pretty decent. Everyone looked like they were having fun, the layout of the resort was nice, not too spread out, but lots of room anyhow, the beach was nice.

We were there 3 years ago and had a great time…it is def a 3 star but the rooms were clean,no one got sick and we always found something to eat…our friends have been there 4 times. Most recently in Nov/08 and they will go again. The staff there is amazing.
We are headed back again in a few weeks and we wouldnt be going if it wasnt good(and we got a good deal.) It is not for everyone…if u are expecting more than a three star but as I said we are going again…SUN and BEACH and great company…what else do u need…lol
Hope this helps