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Villa/Condo Rental 3 - 5 couples


A group of us is looking at a winter 2019 trip. 3 - 5 couples (all over 50) and are debating the AI idea or renting a villa, large condo or group of adjacent condos. We haven’t picked a destination yet but it would need to be sun and sand, close to or in a town and easily accessible from Ottawa or Montreal. Has anyone done this or have any recommendations as to a location or a service that could help us out?


I’ve used several vacation rental sites online many times all over North America( Using AirBnB for trip to Austin Texas next month) you can get a house or a villa in Mexico through one of these sites( I have used them 2x for Mexico in the last 4 months) I would suggest looking in the Puerto Morelos area or Puerto Adventuras. I love Puerto Morelos. Look at the pictures and reviews of the rentals before making a decision


I’ve rented a beachfront villa in Los Corales Punta Cana