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Viral Arthritis?

A friend of mine went on a vacation to Cozumel this past November. Upon his return he was extremely ill and thought it was due to perhaps eating or drinking something when he was away. These symptoms passed and then he had an unexplained swelling in his foot that also went away. After the swelling in his foot subsided he developed extreme pain and swelling in his right arm and wrist. After visiting the emergency department and them prescribing antibiotics and pain killers and anti inflammatories for the immediate symptoms they ordered blood work and the tests have come back inconclusive. There were slightly increased levels of some cells but other wise nothing significant.

Has anyone experienced or heard of anything like this upon their return?

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Nope, never been sick on any of my 3 trips to Cozumel.

Once I fell ill last year coming back from the Dominican, a time which I care not to relive, who knows why…just chalk it up as the revenge.

I am no doctor, but sounds like cellulites. Which can be contracted by touching anything dirty, when you have some sort of cut or open sore.

My rule of thumb, especially on trips anywhere, is that everything is contaminated. ;D


Deputy that is the same thing I was thinking my father had a very bad case of it while recovering in the hospital from heart surgery in his legs, major swelling and redness, can be very dangerous if not treated, hopefully “needavacation” friend will be diagnosed properly and the worst is over with the treatment of the antibiotics

" Cellulitis is a spreading bacterial infection of the skin and tissues beneath the skin. Cellulitis usually begins as a small area of tenderness, swelling, and redness. As this red area begins to enlarge, the person may develop a fever—sometimes with chills and sweats—and swollen lymph nodes (“swollen glands”) near the area of infected skin.
Cellulitis may occur anywhere on the body, but the leg is the most common site of the infection (particularly in the area of the tibia or shin bone and in the foot), followed by the arm, and then the head and neck areas. In special circumstances, such as following surgery or trauma wounds, cellulitis can develop in the abdomen or chest areas. In cases of morbid obesity, it can also develop in the abdominal area. "

Thanks for the info! I’ll be sure to pass it along.

Hope it all turns out all right.

Kind of gives a person a bad taste when they come home sick.

Deputy ;D