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Is it better to buy them in advance or at the airport?


I’ve always bought in advance, costs a little more but just one less hassle when you land
Regards Ray


i was going to ask the exact same question as you lilmissjo lol
now i dont have to bother :-*


Check out the FAQ section at the beginning of the forum. Click on the link for “Tourist Card (new)” by hylwud dated Dec 31, 2005. It should answer all your questions.


Depends on where you are landing in the DR.
I’ve never had to wait for a tourist visa in the Santo Domingo airport. I always just walk right up to the window, give the clerk $10, the clerk gives me the toruist visa, and within 60 seconds I’m headed for the Immigration line.
Piece of cake. Can’t imagine paying more money in advance to avoid a 60-second delay??


its either $10 at the airport or £8 in advance, for the little extra I know what I would rather do to avoid any potential delays.


We’re getting them in advance seeing as some people have told us they had to queue for about 2hours to get one.


I always buy in advance - there is always confusion at the airports so it saves added hassle.


I’ve always bought in advance because they used to be a green card where you had to fill in a lot of information which did create a hold up at the airport, also they usually had two queues one for those getting off plane with cards and one without and you did get through a lot quicker if you had one already completed. However this year i got my card from the embasssy in London as usual and when it arrived it was a credit card size picture card ! Nothing to fill out. They give you an entry form on the plane to complete. But people were purchasing the tourist cards at the airport then handing them over a few seconds later at passport control no hold ups so I see no advantage of buying them in the UK now. Also $10 is less than £8 so if you have a family get it there.


Last time I flew, they didn’t give out the blue forms on the plane, so there was a massive queue for tourist cards, which then led into the blue forms queue, then passport control. If you are being carried by coach, it doesn’t really matter as you have to wait until everyone is there but if you’re making your own way, buying a tourist card in advance is probably still worth it. When I go in September, I’m going to try and manage with hand-luggage only (only there for one week) picked up spare blue forms last time I was there, get tourist card in London and see if I can be outside the airport in under ten minutes!


Thankyou all, we’ve ordered them in advance to try and save some potential queueing time!!


how early in advance can you buy tourist cards?

i dont travel till next june but was just wondering when shud i apply for mine?

kelly x x x x


Leave it till a couple of weeks before you go. They come by return of post if you include the stamped addressed envelope that they ask for. I sent mine on the Monday and it was back on Wednesday!


hmmm, we were going to buy in advance also but price has gone up, for us as a family of 4 it would cost £40 in advance where as at the airport with exchnage rate as it is it would cost us $18. but also not sure if after 9 hr flight with a 8yr old and 3yr old and a NO buggy want to stand in a long queue. decisions, decisions. lol


I expect different airports may be more efficient than others but from my experience at Punta Cana in July. I bought my tourist card at home our friends bought theirs at Punta Cana. We went straight to the queue at passport control while they went to buy their card. After about 5 minutes we looked over at the next queue there they were about one couple behind us, their queue moved quicker than ours and they were through passport control before us! I rest my case next time I’ll buy it there!