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Visiting a school in Bavaro/Higuey area of Dominican Republic

HI All, I’v been traveling to the Dominican Republic for several years and now want to do some volunteer work. I am a school teacher in the USA and would like to work with a school in the Dominican, perhaps to adopt a classroom to support and create a relationship with. Does anyone know of any education volunteer opportunities or a contact person in the Bavaro area. I will be going again in July and hope to make some progress with this idea.
Margaret B

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Beyond the Beach Children’s Foundation should be able to assist you. Try contacting any of the directors.
See http://www.beyondthebeach.ca/officials.html
I would suggest Olive Thompson.
Note that the Contact and Donate link on their site seems to be malfunctioning. I will be informing them.

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Hello Bob is there anyone on our forum from the Beyond the beach foundation that you know who could help @Jilliebean264 here in this thread? Maybe we should invite them as other members might have same question if they wish to help people in Dominican Republic.

I suggested Olive Thompson (in the previous post).
She is the president and founding director of the foundation.
She is (or was) a member of the forum and posted as dot. I’m not sure if she has re-registered or not.
I will ask her about re-registering and posting in this thread.

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Margaret B… in the area you are inquiring about, we work through Rotary International - they do several projects with schools there.

You could e-mail Paul Tierney at tierneypaul@hotmail.com or greengo69@hotmail; Alberto Smith at asmith@puntacana.com or, Benjiman Hulefeld at bhulefeld@puntacana.com.

Our website is beyondthebeach.ca - I’m not sure why BobfromCanada had a problem with the link he posted as I just used it and it worked for me.

Good luck and have a wonderful trip. Thank you so much for thinking of the children of the Dominican Republic!

Olive Thompson, President
Beyond the Beach Children’s Foundation.

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Thanks for that info.
That link worked OK, it was one of the top level links.
I sent you the bad link information.