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Visiting Other Resorts?


We are heading down to Varadero for the first time next month and I always hear about people walking the strip and visiting other resorts. I was told that in one case they went to the bar of a different hotel and drank a beer. Is this normal? As mentioned in previous posts, I have been to PRDO many times and PP in Holguin so I am not too familiar with Varadero. Personally, I would like to see a few resorts to see if I would want to visit them in the future, but I would feel awkward doing it. I would never try to grab a drink or eat somewhere that I am not a guest. Can you walk into other hotels??



No, you can’t just wander along the beach and drop into different resorts. Most resorts are quite strict about visitors and require you to arrange a visit through the reception desk.

Thanks. It did not sound right when I was told that you could do that. I wonder how the friends of a friend got to visit all the different resort? I don’t know them personally or I would ask them myself. I’m pretty sure they said they just walked in. Maybe you are right cubavisitor and they went to the front desk.

I have heard that you can just walk up and look around and they usually don’t mind as long as you don’t eat or drink at the different resorts. Maybe people with more experience in Varadero can verify this.


Is that just a Veradero thing?

At Santa Lucia and Guardalavaca, we wandered around without issue. We didn’t try to eat or drink anywhere else (unless approved between resorts), but “site-seeing” seemed to be tolerated.

Seems to depend on where you are. Santa Lucia is pretty open, as is Cayo Largo. OTOH, Cayo Santa Maria is less welcoming. Sol & Melia can go back & forth, but the others, not so much! At Jibacoa you will be told not to enter the “other” resort. Most places will let you look around if you inquire at the front desk. And of course it’s often possible to slip past security…long sleeves work well in the evening. :wink: That said, I assume the reason things get tightened up is because of abuse. Someone paying for a three star and enjoying the perks of a four star is going to cause resentment on the part of the four star guests…and some people are just cheeky enough to abuse the “visiting privileges” and spoil things for everyone else. ::slight_smile:

When we were at Sandals Royal Hicacos we went to Paradisus Varadero and looked around (my sweetie had stayed there on a previous trip) - neither resort required wristbands so it was not an issue with security.