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Viva wyndham playa dorada


hi my daughter (12 yr) and I will be staying at the viva wyndham playa dorada for a week May 26-June 2. can anyone tell me if this hotel has more families or singles or what ? I just want to make sure she has a good time. If any one will be in the playa dorada complex that week at any of the hotels with kids her age let me know .


hey ; me again. my daughter wanted to know what the beach vendors sell? is she old enough (12) to get into any of the discos?


Yes, the beach vendors sell.

Discos? Most Discos start really late in the evening. Not sure of the age limit, but I think the drinking age is 18.

I was at the Playa Naco two weeks ago which is next door to the Viva there were lots of families there that week.


in punta cana my 15 year old son was allowed in the disco but had to wear a bright coloured wrist band(no booze)



I would not recommend letting your 12 year old daughter go to a Disco. They are usually for the late teen’s and older crowd - the ones I saw leaving our hotel to go to the disco were already “3 sheets to the wind” - old expression meaning half drunk! Also, most discos do not have anyone in them till after 11pm.

The beach vendors sell necklaces, rings, sunglasses, carvings, paintings - we refer to them as a travelling Wal-Mart! LOL. You can also get an excellent massage, have a pedicure/manicure and have your hair braided. Be sure to check out the Orange Market on the beach. When on your beach and facing the ocean, turn to your left and walk about 10 minutes. They have everything down there… you can even have clothing made-to-measure and, excellent quality workmanship.

There are usually lots of kids around all the resorts and the beach area. The staff at every hotel just love kids and try to include them in all the activities.

We have not stayed at this hotel but have visited it a few times as a good friend of ours, a bartender named Victor Ventura, works there. We are godparents to his 8 month old daughter, Emelina. Photos of the Baptism in our Gran Ventana Dec 3-10/05 webshots album.

Olive (Olivia down south)


thanks for the info. Your pictures were great, i really enjoyed them. The pictures at the school, where was the school? Is it part of a tour? Do you recommend taking little things for the kids there or not? If so what is the best way to do it? We leave in 10 days , can’t wait.


Hi Sass:

Glad you enjoyed our photos. We love taking them…

The school was one we stopped into when we were on the Outback Safari. It was outside of Cabarete - in the country a bit. We had lots of pencils and small note pads. If you don’t have enough for everyone, give it to the teacher and she will give to the neediest.

I would NOT take candy or gum unless it is sugar-free. The cost of dental care is very high and most could not afford it.

We also took about 50 lb of school supplies to DREAM Project in Cabarete. They distribute it to the schools where the need is largest. The photo that was taken when we were on the tour with Martin Espinal was of a smaller bag that some ladies had given us. We took the photo with their bag in front of the office to send them so they could see we did deliver their gifts.

We also take hair barrettes for girls and high bounce balls for boys but, we take those into the poorer neighbourhoods and the Mustard Seed home for mentally handicapped children.

Have a great trip and, if you see a bartender named Victor Ventura, say “Hola from Don and Olivia”.


Hey Olivia,
We leave in 5 days, and have a large gym bag full of things to give out. some school supplies some hygine stuff like toothbrushes and tooth paste, soap, hair stuff, and some skipping ropes, bouncy balls, hot wheels cars, frisbees, things like that. What would be the best place to distrinbute it. Thanks for all the information and we will definately say hi to Victor for you if we see him.



The school items would be greatly appreciated by DREAM project in Cabarete. The other items would go a long way at Mustard Seed - a home for mentally challenged children.

If you are not going to those places, but are going on a tour, you can leave the items with Outback Safari, Checkpoint in Sousa or, Isaira Tours.


Hi Olivia,
I’m sure we will make it to at least one of those places. Thanks