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Viva wyndham playa dorada


Hi, does anyone have a map of the resort layout? and mainly, are the frozen drinks made in a blender?


Go to the FAQ Forum and click under maps and then under RESORTS in the Dominican Republic. You will find a map in there of this resort. Welcome to DDTF :sunglasses:


No the drinks are not made in a blender, they are in the slushy machine type thing at least they were in June. You wont really need a map it is very small and everything is centrally located.


As above you won’t need a map. Only 6 buildings off the lobby and everything is off the main walkway to the beach. Gym, Disco, Buffet and Oriental Restaurant all one building on the right . Pool and Bar same location. We were there two weeks last Easter and enjoyed ourselves, would go back again. Small hotel and a short walk to the Plaza