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Voltage Converter?

I looked through some old threads but I didn’t see an answer…
The resort information states that the room’s power is 220v and I need an adapter to plug in our 110v Canadian stuff. I’m just not quite clear what kind I need. I get that it steps down the power and changes the plug type but is it the same kind I’d need for England or is something different? None of the ones I could find specifically said they were good for Cuba…

Thanks a tonne in advance,


Most newer electronics will work perfectly with any worldwide voltage. Best to get a magnifying glass and check the label as you may not need a converter at all, depending upon what you are taking. Yes, voltage in Cuban resorts is the same as most of Europe & UK.

You will need an adapter regardless of the device. An adapter changes the 2 round plugs in Cuba/Europe to the narrower prongs that are used in Canada/US.

Sometimes rooms will have the correct voltage & plugs in the bathroom, sometimes not so it’s better to take what you need.

Jenn, I like to refer to the thing that changes the voltage as a converter, because it converts the voltage. The thing that fits our plugs to the foreign power sockets, I refer to as an adapter, because it simply adapts the plug.
Now that I have got the definitions out of the way, I hope the following explanation will make sense:
If you have dual voltage devices, then as Dax says, you would not need a converter. But it is usually only electronics, like battery chargers, and so on that are dual voltage. Devices that generate heat, like curling irons, travel kettles and hairdryers are usually only single voltage. (Not always, there are sometimes dual voltage curling irons, etc. - you would still need to check the label.)
For the converter, if you need it, it would be the same as you would use in the UK, or in Europe. But, you need to be careful to make sure that your converter is the right kind. There are two basic types. One is good for electronic devices (chargers, etc.), but can’t handle the power draw of a curling iron or hair dryer. The other type is good for the higher power draw, but will often say “not for use with electronics,” or something similar. There are some converters that are suitable for both, but I think they are sometimes more expensive than one each of the other types.
For the adaptor, it is most likely that you will need one suitable for plugging into a European type of outlet. Some of the hotels in Cuba have a plug that will accept a two-prong North-American style plug, and others will have a plug that will accept either European or the two-prong North American type. If your devices have a three-prong plug, you would need an adaptor to allow you to plug in a three-prong plug to a two-prong outlet.
One other caution: some North-American devices have a polarized two-prong plug. One prong is wider than the other, so you would need an adapter that you can plug the polarized plug into, and then plug the adapter into the wall.
I usually take two adapters. One to fit the European plug, and one to fit the North-American plug. Both of my adapters will accept the polarized plugs that I have on some of my devices.

Thanks so much for the quick replies - that was Exactly the info I needed!

I always take a power bar with the ground pin pulled off. Plug all our 100-240V electronics/dongles in then plug the power bar in. That way I only have to plug in once and avoid that wicked electric snap.

Never had an issue yet in all of my travels for your standard type things, such as phones, mp3 players, speakers, chargers etc.

But for the high power or voltage, you would like Cubajack says.

Always better to be safe than sorry, and they aren’t very expensive.

Good idea with the power bar…hmmm.

If you go to the hotel web site, most of them will tell you the voltage the use. Makes life easy.