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So I finally broke down and treated myself to a travel hairdryer the other day. I always find the cord is too short on hotel hairdryers and they aren’t powerful enough to dry my hair in a reasonable amount of time, so I spent a whopping $20 on a Vidal Sassoon travel model at Walmart. It’s 1875 watts and I tried it out this morning - my hair was dry in no time. Anyway, I noticed on the bottom of the hairdryer it gives me the option to switch between 125V and 210V. It came set at 125V so that’s what I left it on this morning. Do I leave it on that when we travel to the Dominican or will I have to switch it to 210V?

Voltage is the same in the Dominican Republic as it is in North America…Don’t touch that dial :slight_smile:


Correct. However, check to see if the plug is polarized (one pin slightly bigger than the other). If it is, you “may” have difficulty plugging it in. See our FAQ.

Thanks to you both! We’re staying at the Palladiums and I did check the FAQs and saw Hlywud’s picture of the universal plugs. He mentioned that the Palladiums use them so I should be okay.

Another trick I learned here…I took 1 of those household extention cords, you know the ones with the triple plug on 1 end…and I filed the bigger end of the plug down to match the smaller one, that it would fit in the non polarized plugs at the resorts if that is what they have.