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Can anyone tell me what the voltage is in the DR? and what sort of adaptor I will need. Is it the same adaptor that I use when travelling to the US?

Only 10 days to go!! Im so excited!!. ;D


Englishbird :stuck_out_tongue:


110v I think, either way, the US style ‘universal’ travel adapter will do fine. Batteries will charge slower though!


voltage in the dr is 110. Although resorts that cater to many europeans are often 220. Where exactly are you staying?


Voltage is same as in US and in Canada. Be advised, that some outlets are only 2 pronged and not 3 pronged like the newer outlets. Its a good idea to take along a short extension cord or 2-3 pin adapter just in case.


If it works in the US, it should work in the DR, just so long as it’s not a three prong plug.
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Thanks for all your replies, Iam off to Occidental Grand Flamenco Punta Cana in 10 days on a girlie holiday and must be able to use my hair dryer!! ;D. Sad I know, but these things are very important to us girlies!!.

Englishbird :sunglasses:


I would expect that a 240volt hair dryer would be a bit anemic on 120volt power.


well maybe you will be lucky… alot of the resorts now have a hair dryer mounted on the wall in the bathrooms


;)I will be staying at the Grand Flamenco at the end of the month. Can you give me the 411 when you return? It will be my first trip and I am going solo. I don’t know much about the area and would like some fresh info. Thanks.