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W@estern Canada?

 The Ontario economy is in very bad shape. Should the tour companies and Cuba tourism put more effort into Western Canada :?

[quote=@cubakingone] The Ontario economy is in very bad shape. Should the tour companies and Cuba tourism put more effort into Western Canada :?

They should but they haven’t!

In fact the opposite is true when it comes to Vancouver departures & Cuba vacations.
There are fewer destinations, fewer flights with horrible flight times and much higher prices than 10-15 years ago.
Calgary is a bit better off in terms of options.

Seems to me that the big “push” for increased business to Cuba over the past few years has been for the Maritimes.

I understand the feeling YVR. Short answer is flying down the Atlantic coast is a lot cheaper than going across land. I think the smart tour operator would be looking into this; you would still be paying a little more, but with more choice.

I have no problem paying more because it’s a lot further to go. I think around $300 per person more would be reasonable. What isn’t reasonable is asking $1200 per person for Cameleon Jibacoa when central and eastern Canada get it for $600.

It’s the choice I’d like to see. Over the years the charters added destinations like Cayo Coco and Holguin for example but cancelled the route by the end of January due to “lack of interest”. Well geez, if you don’t advertise it being available, how can you expect to get clients to book!!! Every time they gave us a new destination, I booked it- often with the early booking promo- only to have my February birthday vacations cancelled on short notice. Grrr…

There is BIG $$$$$ in western Canada - Si !!!

Crab prices in B.C. record high - my youngest Canadian son fishes both crab and spot prawns.

I heard about the insanely high prices for crab. Seems the Chinese have discovered this delicacy and are paying around $80 per pound. Wholesalers are falling all over themselves to export it, so the local market prices have doubled over last year. Seems the middle men exporters/importers are raking in the biggest bucks.

Hope the local fishers are getting a better price for the catch!

Westjet has been having some deals lately, but overall I find that prices have increased in the last year for all packages, throughout Canada. I fly out of Montreal and I go usually 5 times per year. This year is about the highest I have ever seen. It’s still not prohibitive, but you have to factor about $100 more per person for some of the mid range resorts.

I think it has a lot to do with the Canadian dollar. Now that the CAD is priced about 10% lower than the USD, the trip prices have increased about 10%. The Cubans want to maintain the rates, and they always peg them to the US dollar. That is the main problem. The solution would come is the CAD increases in value (unlikely for now) or if the Cuban travel companies (those based in Cuba) decide to charge a bit less. Ideally this would happen, since the Cuban economy is shaky anyways, and any money from Canada would be appreciated.

Fundamentally, it comes down to understanding economics. As Cuba does not have a great history of capitalism, I think they don’t completely comprehend how to maximize their profits by lowering their prices. Many of the resorts are only half filled or less during off peak seasons. That would be an ideal time to drop the prices to the bone and then fly over as many Canadians as possible. We always bring cash anyways and end up spending more than planned. Give the room for a huge discount and then get us to spend more on alcohol, taxi rides and tips.