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Wage Rates Are Changing In Cuba - Si!

Good read here :::

That’s quite a reduction in wages and purchasing power.
The Employment Agencies must be hoping for much higher foreign wage contracts in order to “Skim” 68% off the top and still provide a decent pay for the workers.

That has nothing to do with general wage changes in Cuba, it’s only referring to the unique accounting that happens in the Mariel Development Zone specifically. This is been applied in one form or another for years now.


Wages of some tourist workers are going to be increased.

Who needs to get raise in Cuba is teachers, doctors and university educated workers not really waiters and bartenders in the resorts who get tips anyway.

Admin I so agree with you. To tell you the truth, I sometimes feel that the maids, waitstaff, etc., tell tourists the most compelling stories about how hard it is to live on the meager salary they get. HaHa

I’ve never met a farmer, or store clerk who gave me that whole sad story!! I’m pretty sure that the sad story is taught in ‘training school for tourism workers’. They can cry on a dime but the actual workers that provide the food we eat, and the laundry they do behind the scenes, are just so happy to talk to a tourist and show off their little gardens and work areas. I love Cuba, but the Castro family should be looking at the lowest income receivers in the country. If it is truly a socialist country, every one is equal; it shouldn’t rely on your job. Maybe the farmers and others can unite and begin another 'training school - How to milk the tourists, not the cow".


I agree 100% with you.