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Walkie Talkies?

Can anyone tell me if those little hand held walkie talkies are allowed in Cuba? :wink:

Effective December 20th 2007, walkie-talkies are now allowed in Cuba for tourists. They must be registered at customs when entering and you must bring them back with you.

Source: http://www.gocuba.ca/en/travelTips.asp#3

Alas … as a tourist office, GoCuba sometimes doesn’t have correct information ??? ; it is better to refer to Cuba Customs & Immigration, where they state:

Licence or Previous Permits from the Ministry of Informatics and Communications Required for:
wireless fax equipments; telephone boards; data-net devices; wireless telephones except those operating in 40 – 49 MHz, 2,4 GHz and 5 GHz bands; radio transmitters; radio transceptors, including walkie-talkie; professional radio receiver; land earth stations and satellite communications terminals, including parabolic antennas and satellital phones

Check it out at: http://www.aduana.co.cu/regula3.htm

Now, I’m really confused ??? Why the contradictions? Shouldn’t GoCuba have a better handle on the custom, regulations required of tourists?

Walkies appear to be in a legal gray area.

In one hand the cheap little units are very common in Cuba, they seem to pass through the bigger tourist airports without a hitch.

On the other hand they are illegal and if you run into a dork of a Customs Agent then you could looking at lots of hassle and holding up the bus with all your fellow travelers.

I think it’s a bit of a crap shoot right now, weighed fairly heavily on the side of no problems.

On another note, entirely an personal opinion, I think they’re the same as cell phones - no problems whatsoever if utilized properly, but VERY irritating in the wrong hands.

Maybe Cuban customs is doing most of us a favor by not allowing walkies. :slight_smile:

A bigger favour would be personality screening. :sunglasses:

Thanks all for your input. If I “DO” decide to take them I promise to use them with the utmost discretion!! :sunglasses: