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Walkie Talkies


Does anyone know if the hand held walkie talkies work in the DR?



Can’t think of any reason they wouldn’t.
The big question is why you want to bother. ???
After all, you are on vacation.


We took ours at Christmas when we went to the Gran Ventana. Don wanted to see if they would work - his idea was to radio me to get the drinks while he was somewhere else… I don’t do drink orders when on vacation! ::slight_smile:

We just used them the one day and found to be a pain to remember to carry AND, we were picking up security transmissions which were a noisy disruption… found out that one of our walkie talkies was a "master" which would turn itself on if transmission was within a certain distance. Would be relaxing and all of a sudden, it would cut in and wake you from a relaxing state.

Took batteries out and left in room after that! Might be an idea if you have younger kids who don’t want to be around you and still keep in touch or, if at a really large complex.

Have NO plans to take them again! ;D


With all the right combination of factors, they do work but if you choose to use them, please show respect for others at the times that they are in use. They are rather intrusive at times to those around the user, just like a cell phone. When you are expecting a call on the beach, others aren’t. Users often talk louder when speaking into them and the static is disruptive too.

Just wanted to mention it, since sometimes we aren’t aware of the effect we have on others!


I agree with Kaki 110%. They can be a big pain in the butt to other people who are around them. Of course they would be good to be able to keep in touch with children.
I made the big mistake of taking a pair with me to Cuba and had them taken away from me right a the airport. I should have known better. My mistake and should have realized that. Have a great trip and totally enjoy yourself with or without the chatter boxes.


ours worked at the Bahia in PC. We found them great to have since the resort is so large if one person is in the room and the other at the beach it can be a godsend. We had no trouble and did not pick up other signals.


thanks for all the info…I am a single parent travelling with my 13 yr old…

They are primarily if she wants to go elsewhere from where I am…not that I’m going to let her go too far.

and I totally agree they can be offensive…like cell phones,…

thanks everyone