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Walking tour of Old Havana


This walking tour was previously posted by Steve YYZ here - http://www.7daysinparadise.com/smf/index.php?topic=6052.0

The map does not appear, but I had taken a copy, and post here for those who want.

(I hope Steve is OK with that).


Three walking tours of Old Havana can be downloaded from this site: Walking tours
The maps are accompanied by detailed information of what you will see along the way, Additionally, principal places of interest in the greater Havana region are also highlighted at the site.


Excellent website Rob https://www.recorridosporlahabana.com with plenty of “everything” information, not just walking tours, but it is in Spanish.


Yenchiong, the site is in Spanish, it’s true. But I thought everyone knew how to use the “translate” function, so I apologise for not mentioning that.
In any case, under the “recorridos” tab at the top it is possible to select English language downloads direct.


Here’s an English language map from that site, just as Rob mentioned:


Very nice. Thank for sharing.