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Want Bavaro Princess reviews/pictures

Anyone that’s recently been to the Bavaro Princess, I’d love to hear about your vacation and see any pictures you’d like to share. I need my fix!!!

I also would like some input on this resort since we are going there in 15 days . Any thing would be helpful . Been to Punta cana many times , but the frist time there .

We were there in Nov. send me a PM with your e mail address’s and I’ll send you some pictures and comments. I’m away for the weekend and will get back to you soonest.

I went to the Bavaro princess in Sept 2008. We just went for 4 days. Not nearly long enough! We absolutely LOVED it! We want to go back, however its been quite pricey. We upgraded to the PLatinum Package. Worth every single Penny!!! We had a room VERY close to the beach. All other rooms were far away! We couldnt imagine being far away from the beach. This resort is huge, and some rooms are right at the entrance.
There is a little tram that goes around to pick people up, however it gets pretty full. On nights around dinner time, it was better to walk! It rained for half our trip… as it was hurricane season. The staff did everything to make everyone laugh and have a good time! So parts of the resort pathways got flooded…
I have nothing to complain about this resort. If you send me your email address I can email you pictures.
But again, best advise I can give is to upgrade! You get so much included! We did the snorkel trip (Which comes with the upgrade)… than on the second last day, paid to do a snorkel trip. The one included was better!!!

Well for one thing how much for the upgrade and do they sreve clamato and cranberry juices??

Thanks Lclady

hey xtanker,

we were at the grand Ventana in January. You will like it there a bit older but clean and well kept.


[quote=@lclady] Well for one thing how much for the upgrade and do they sreve clamato and cranberry juices??

Thanks Lclady[/quote]

I think its different with all carriers. It was about 400 for the both of us I believe? But when we were only paying 1200 for both of us for 4 days I could justify spending it. Not sure about the clamato… Im a corona drinker… my husband loves Rye and was quite happy having his Canadian club.

Hi would love to see your pics going in april and can’t wait