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Want to find a good package under $1,000

Where can I get a good package for 2 adults & 1child (1yr old) leaving from Ft. Lauderdale, FL & going to Juan Dolio, or any other city close to the Capital for 4 nights from March - May. Which ever month is least expensive. Trying to find something that the total is under $1,000.(all-inclusive package) :slight_smile:

If your looking for Juan Dolio area, the Costa Caribe Coral is usually the cheapest price one… its a 4 star…nothing too fancy, but the beach is nice, and there is an on resort casino that is quite large. 4 ala cartes and an open air buffet, pool bar, and two hot hut jacuzzis… We have been there 4 times and loved it.
Just a suggestion…

Is there another resort other than that one? My sister in law told me that that place was horrible, So im not sure about this one.

Barcelo Capella Beach is also in Juan Dolio

Paradise has the lowest price and has been completly redone, but they report the food ain’t that great, but you can still buy good food at the plaza

I ate there and it was fine.

Here Vacationman goes again…lol
The question had nothing to do with the Paradise, and yet you find another reason to “bash” it.
Get a grip, and get a life.

Last time I was there was January 2007, and had no issues, we were there with three other couples that year, and far as I know, they had no issues either…but again, that was two years ago now… so things may have changed.

Where is the Paradise in JD?

AFAK there isn’t one.

It appears that vacationman may be geographically challenged (LOL) or missed the location in the OP’s post.