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Water at Royal Decameron Salinitas


Hello -

I’ve stayed at Royal Decamerons in Panama and San Andres, and this one sounds like it could be the best of the bunch!

Just one question triggered by comments in Trip Advisor about the quality of the water coming out of the taps - is it as foul as some people claim (smell- and colour-wise)? Or were the comments unjustified?




The water was fine, the hot water was slow at times , like at 6:30 pm
I would got back in a minute


Water was fine, not much hot when everyone was in shower before dinner.

We also did Decameron in Panama and San Andres, El Salvador is similar and very nice. We had a great time, only drawback was 2 hour bus ride from airport.


I like the bus ride , one less daytrip to take ;D


We are booked for March 1-March 15. Any info. would be great. We have only been to Cuba but are getting braver. How did you like the beach, and the side trips that you went on? When going to Cuba we tipped and also gave personal items such as shampoos, paper and pencils, and childrens clothes and baseball caps and wonder if that is accepted in El Salvador Decameron Salinitas?


The beach was fine, really long. We did some side trips through the resort and on our own. Both were fun, you have to work a little to go on your own, the taxi drivers don’t speak english and you have to get the lobby to phone for one. We found an employee (bartender William) who spoke english and got him to be our tour guide on his day off, a great trip.

We brought toys, make up, t shirts etc for tips to hotel staff and for kids in the villages, all without a problem, they loved it!