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Water FAQ

(Q) Is the tap water safe to drink?
(A) No, drink bottled water only.

(Q) What about water served in a glass in the hotel dining room?
(A) It will be purified water and safe to drink.

(Q) Where do I get bottled water?
(A) There should be a bottle or jug in your room. If not, you will be able to get bottled water at one of the bars or from the hotel shop. Sometimes you will have to take your empty jug to the bar and have it refilled.

(Q) Can I use tap water to brush my teeth?
(A) Not recommended, use bottled water. Some people have used tap water with no apparent ill effects, but that water may contain some bacteria and/or parasites. It’s not worth taking the chance.

(Q) How about taking a shower?
(A) Keep your mouth closed. This also cuts down on noise pollution. ::slight_smile:

(Q) Is the fruit/salad safe to eat?
(A) The hotels use purified water to wash the fruits and vegetables.

(Q) How about ice cubes?
(A) At all the major hotels, the ice cubes are made from purified water.

(Q) How about if I go off the resort?
(A) Once you leave the resort, all bets are off. If you are on a tour and the guide says the water is safe, it should be OK. Other than that, it’s best to skip the ice cubes in your drink.

Data reviewed June 26, 2010.