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Water Safety Faq

A previous thread promted me to post some general water safety. I have posted some links to some websites that gives some water safety tips.

Most of the information is common sense but it is worth a review if you are going to be participating in water activities. It has some scary statistics about drownings the scariest one for me is that many children who have drowned were under the care of a parent or caregiver at the time of the incident.


This link addresses questions about snorkeling equipment and safety.


Some of the highlights include:

*know your swimming ability and don’t try to swim beyond your ability

*know the water conditions. Water conditions can change day to day, season to season and water can become unsafe. (ie even water that has been previously calm can become rough)

*Children need to be supervised (In my opinion, it’s not enough to just supervise—the adult needs to be able to swim, needs to be able to interviene in case of an emergency and should have CPR training and basic first aid training)

*Don’t turn your back to the ocean. A wave you are not expecting can wash over you.

  • alcohol, drugs and water sport don’t mix.

Have a safe and happy vacation

Data reviewed June 26, 2010.