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Water shoes, snorkelling & teens in clubs

We live in a small town here in Canada so buying water shoes and basic snorkelling sets is difficult & expensive. Is this stuff available in Varadero at competitive prices? Will we even need water shoes?
Are young teens allowed in clubs and bars? My son is 15 and looks very young. If we go out in the evening will he be allowed in such places. It would be nice to catch some live music and maybe some dancing in the downtown area. Is this possible? In case you are wondering. I work in the entertainment industry so he has grown up attending adult functions and has 0 interest in drinking. I might have one beer on a night out so I am not planning to drag him along while I party!

No there isn’t much available to buy. If you are at an all inclusive resort they will have snorkel geer you can use free but it may not be readily available. Best to have your own.
As far as night life the bars downtown open air it is not a problem to bring your son. The disco off resort don’t know as have not been there. If you are at an all inclusive he can be with you at all of the venues at the resort including the disco.

Don’t forget places like MEC will ship anywhere in Canada and tends to be fairly competitive with their pricing. I have bought water shoes, a rash guard shirt and came close to buying snorkel gear.

We always take our own snorkel gear and I highly recommend it. Our friends used the resort supplied stuff and all was fine until the day that they got snorkels with lipstick still on the mouthpiece - I know that it had been rinsed, etc - but it still seemed a bit “yucky” to all of us.

How far are you from the nearest Canadian Tire or Walmart? They both carry inexpensive snorkel gear and water shoes. A dive shop is ideal, but if you are buying off the rack I expect you could find what you need at Crappy Tire…
I doubt you would require water shoes at Varadero in any case, and the snorkelling gear is also likely to be of little use unless you take a tour…I can’t speak from personal experience, but I don’t believe Varadero is known for its off the beach snorkelling…unless, of course, you are headed for Jibacoa. :smiley:

BTW, many resort stores seem to have a supply of masks, snorkels and fins…not sure of the quality or size availability, but prices didn’t seem too bad…

I was just at our Home Hardware looking for diving masks, but only found kids sizes. They also had 2 sets of Dolphino flippers size 6-8 for $35.00. I did purchase a 3 pack of swim goggles for $20.00. There is very limited variety this time of year.

Have fun. We hope to do the same next Wednesday :slight_smile: