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Water taxi

i heard mention in a posting about a water taxi from the area of the vendors, if i understand correctly its about a 45 min walk from bahia principe, that walk we be no problem for me there and back, but my wife would likely encounter some pain, so can you hire a water taxi from that area and if so what would the cost be, if anyone would know. because that would be great,eapecially if your carrying and armfull of goodies. thanks again, Fred

Yes there will be boats constantly cruising up and down the coast line looking for fares. I haven’t made the specific trek by water taxi you mention but thinking it would probably end up costing you and your wife about $10. Remember to negotiate the price!

and such watercabbies can also be set up with most watersportscenters, so that skipper awaits you on the prior set time to bring you back.
just negociate you’re fare like mentioned above.
have fun

excellent , thanks for the info guys, cheers. fred

if you go to the end of the market place on the beach, the water taxi is set up there, and they told us last year it was $15 for a boat full, so more people there are the cheaper it is.