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Water temperature


hi i have promised my kids that the sea water will be quite warm in the DR ::slight_smile:
we went to menorca this june and the water was still a little chilly for my kids and they didnt play in the sea for long or the pool which was chilly also .
i promised its warm in the DR and if im wrong i will be in big trouble ::slight_smile:
they are now looking forward to lovely warm water on there hols if its not i will be in the dog house ;D
please say its warm :-*


My wife thought it was warm… and if it’s warm enough for her, it should be warm enough for anybody. It’s relative though… if the air is really hot, the water will feel cooler, for a few seconds.


:DMy kids 5 and 9 played in the ocean all day. It was very warm. The pools were nice to cool of but not so cold you couldn’t stay in the pool. But I don’t know if every hotel pool is the same. When we go snorkelling on tours I bring half wet suits. That way they can stay in the water longer. Especially if you go to more than one site!
So Enjoy!!!


Depends on what time of year you go …
Either way, the water should be suitabley warm, but in the summer, I would say even just a bit too warm. During my trip to the south coast in May I found that both the pool and the ocean were like tepid bath water … it would have been more refreshing if it would have have been a tad cooler.


I’ve been to the South Coast in January several times and the water in the pool and in the ocean was always warm. I think you will be spared the doghouse.


The further south in the Dom Rep you go the warmer the sea - dont worry its a lot warmer than ours!


If the ocean is warm in Miami in August, I imagine that the water in the Dr will be too. I love warm Ocean water! Yay!