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Wax Injector

I have a friend in Cuba who is asking me to bring him a Jeweler’s Wax Injector on my next trip. Does anyone know if this is allowed through Cuban Customs or is it a problem.

Thanks ???

1.) Those things are usually pretty big, so there’s no way you’re going to be able to sneak it past Customs. It’ll get flagged by the X-Ray and you will have to pay duty. Up to 51 CUC is duty free. From 51 - 251 CUC is 100%. From 251 - 501 CUC is 150%. Most of those units are a few hundred dollars at least, so unless you have a nicely done fake receipt and can convince them it’s not as expensive as they might think then duty could be significant…

2.) Even the smaller units sometimes require more electrical power (700 watts) than what’s allowed into the country.

3.) Did he/she give you a request for a specific model?

there not cheap

3.) Did he/she give you a request for a specific model? [/quote]

Yes, sent picture from old catalogue, $215.00 Cdn
Already e-mailed him to say so sorry no can do.
I would need a pack mule to lug it around

Thanks for input.
This request rates right up there with the items asked for on the Tips for Maids thread. :wink:

Muling something like is fine if they are a good friend or a good friend-of-a-friend and they pay for everything up front (or make other suitable business arrangements.) They can also arrange to have the duty prepaid in advance, before you arrive.

Asking for it as a favour is 100% unacceptable behaviour and personally I would never have anything to do with that person again…

I consider them a good friend and they offered to pay for it when I got there. I have never taken anything that big or costly to Cuba before and I prefer not to have any problem with customs. So as I mentioned before I declined nicely.

Sorry, I jumped to conclusions. When you commented, “this request rates right up there with the items asked for on the Tips for Maids thread” I wrongfully assumed it was an out-of-nowhere request.

If they’re a good pal and they’re paying for it, then what’s the big deal? Aduana (Cuban Customs) is straightforward enough. With a single item and a sales receipt you’ll pay the duty and be out of there in no time. No worries…

Thanks martian. That makes me feel better never had any dealings with customs so a little nervous about the whole thing. LOL

I can sympathize.

Dealing with a Government Official who likely speaks very little English in a communist totalitarian police state could naturally make one a little nervous, but really, the Aduana guys aren’t too bad. :wink:

With a proper sales receipt the duty owed is a very straightforward calculation. The only problem you’d possibly run into is if they decide to not believe your receipt and make up their own value. That could cause a little scrap, but if they’re being unreasonable then simply leave the Injector at the airport, get a receipt, and return with your pal the next day. Let him/her fight it out with Aduana while you have a cold beer in the lounge…