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Wearing your engagement ring on wedding trip?


I am not sure what to do about this. We are going to Punta Cana and have been told not to wear “flashy jewellery” due to possible theft outside of the resort. Not sure if my ring is flashy, but somewhat concerned about it. I am more worried about me leaving it somewhere and losing it. Has anyone not worn theirs to their DW and just wearing the wedding band after the ceremony? I was also thinking of buying a “fake” one with a cubic ziconia in the same setting. That way if any pictures of my hand, it will show an engagement ring. The other possibility is leaving it in the safe…your thoughts?


My personal thought is–the best way to loose your ring is to take it off. I just have never taken mine off.

But if it worries you–a CZ will fill in for you just fine.

Good luck on your wedding and have many happy years and vacations together.


For our wedding in Punta Cana I wore my engagement ring only at night. Other than that, I kept it in our safe buried among other things so it wasn’t obvious.

We have a picture of our hands with our rings (taken right after our wedding). I’d be pretty bummed if it wasn’t a photo with our “real” rings.

I’ve done the same while in Mexico and Cuba and I’ve never had a problem.

FYI: While on vacation with us for our wedding, one of our guy friends lost his ring in the ocean. Not too happy!!


For my wedding in Punta Cana, I wore my engagement ring the whole time and did not have a problem either. Like someone already said, take it off and the chance of loosing the ring are high. I would either leave it at home, or where it and not take it off.

Good luck with your wedding and have fun!


I have traveled at least 30 times to the DR and many times to other Caribbean islands and have never taken my engagement ring off. I think when they are talking flashy jewelery they mean “FLASHY” (like 10ct diamond tennis braclets etc) jewelry not your engagement ring…the best way to lose it is to take it off and leave it somewhere, even in your room safe!!!


The only reason I don’t wear my ring in the day is for fear of it slipping off in the water (combined with all that sunscrean). My rings aren’t a perfect fit, so it’s very possible for me to lose them.

Have a wonderful wedding. :smiley:


Normally when I go to the DR, I leave my engagement ring at home, I don’t bring it with me. Just like wpggirl, I am scared that my ring might slip off while I am in the ocean or I might lose it on the beach. But for my wedding, I brought my engagement ring with me (kept it in the safe) and only wore it at night. On my wedding day, I wore it on my right hand. After the wedding, my engagement ring and wedding band went back in the safe, along with my husband’s ring.

I rather it be in the safe than take chances of losing it in the water.


Hi! I got married at the Bahia in April and I wore my ring only at night. I kept in in the safe during the day. Don’t ware your ring during the day because you never know with the salt water and pools, sun tan oil etc… it might slip off. For example not even beeing married 24hrs. My husband lost his wedding band. What a great way to start off LOL. Anyways good luck with your wedding.


I’ve always worn my jewelry on every trip to the DR. I’ve never had a problem. I wouldn’t have dreamed of not wearing my engagement ring when we were there for our wedding.


When we were going to DR, I had the same concern. I carried our rings with me in my purse. I didn’t pack anything of value in our suitcases. When we got to Melia, we had a safe in our room which made me feel so much better. I would leave our jewelry there when we went swimming or escursions. When we went into the city, I didn’t have any problems. I wore my jewelry like I would if I was home. I didn’t feel uncomfortable. See if your resort has the option of a safe in your room. They will charge you, but it won’t be much. I hope that helped.