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Weather for May 28

Hello. We will be in Punta May 28. Will it be sunny at all?

I got out my old Magic 8 Ball and gave it a good shake.
It said “my sources say yes”.

Thanks. The forecast looked pretty bad

The online forecasts show rain about 95% of the time.
They are wrong about 95% of the time.

Make sure you pack you sunscreen !!!

In tropical countries its raining season from May - November so they have most of the time rain as forecast. It happened numerous of times that they show rain and there is no rain. Yes I am sure you will have some showers that last 10 min to 1 hour but soon after rain is gone you will be able to go and enjoy beach and outside as much as you wish. Do not worry @Kgiberso you will have fun soon :slight_smile: