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Weather for the next few weeks?


Hello everyone…i have been “lurking” around this board for some time now since i will be leaving for my first trip to the DR next Monday. I have a few questions regarding the weather? The weather.com website for the next 10 days looks like this…

Forecast Conditions High/Low °F Precip.
Chance High Temperatures Low Temperatures Precipitation Wind Speed
Oct 10 Scattered T-Storms
89°/78° 40%

Airport Conditions
Oct 11 Scattered T-Storms
91°/78° 60%

Oct 12 Scattered T-Storms
91°/79° 40%

Oct 13 Scattered T-Storms
90°/79° 60%

Airport Conditions
Oct 14 Scattered T-Storms
90°/79° 30%

Oct 15 Scattered Showers
91°/79° 30%

Oct 16 Showers
91°/78° 60%

Airport Conditions
Oct 17 Showers
90°/79° 60%

Oct 18 Showers
90°/79° 60%

Oct 19 Scattered Showers

Im getting really nervous that my first time here is going to be a complete washout? Can someone please tell me how accurate this is and if it only means its will rain for a little while then the sun will shine. Also about those giant spiders…I am staying at The Majestic Colonial and was wondering if there have been any sitings there? I am petrified of spiders and do not want to sleep with one eye open :o
Thank You to everyone who can help w/ my questions :smiley:


We were in the DR last October. We looked at the long range forecast as well. It stated sun, rain and thunderstorms in the same day. They were correct. It did all three in one day - every day. It’s the chance you take in October, but who cares if you get wet in 90 degree rain?

As for the spiders, don’t worry. Most of us haven’t seen any.

Look for the sand crabs. They are lots of fun!


So about how long each day was the sun out? But atleast you did say it was out ::slight_smile:


rains everyday so weather says, but when it rains it only last 5-10 minutes


Note the word ‘scattered’ in most of those forecasts.
And, as northernale1 pointed out, if so much as a drop is going to fall, they’ll put the rain word in the forecast. Relax - even if it does rain, the pool, beach, restaurants and bars are all still open …


Thank you all…now i feel more at ease:)


We are in Punta Cana and we’ve been here since Oct 3 and the forecast has been the same. It has rained a few nights after we were asleep. Today was the first actual cloudy day with a heavy downpour late in the afternoon No sunscreen and I got sunburned! Don’t worry. You’ll be fine. At this time of year the weather forecast always says that. As a matter of fact we love going to the beach at night to watch the distant lightning. Its beautiful! Have fun.


Thank you so much for easing my mind :slight_smile: