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Weather forecasts

I’m leaving in about 2 hours for Toronto and flying out in the morning.

Looking at the weather report…it says rain for pretty much 6 out of the 7 days I’ll be there. :’(

Are these forecasts fairly accurate?

I know here, you can’t really trust too much what they say…hoping it’s the same there.



There will likely be showers every day but your holiday won’t be ruined.

Have a wonderful holiday! We’re leaving tomorrow morning. Can’t get away from the cold. And, yes we go away again in another 5 weeks. Hehehehehehe!

thanks…I can’t wait to get there.

Leaving in -30 and heading to +32.



hey Paul,
there is still a high risk that they fail on the forecast of that 7th day, ha ha.
sorry for the joke,
we are lately on sunny days, comfo temps, Sea very acceptable for fishing, winds on their usual 10 knots, very few and by areas very isolated short showers.
weather conditions should actually not be a concern.
have fun

Thanks Mike for your usual great weather report. We can always depend on your input for just about anything including the brown or sometimes green bottles ;D