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Weather in Punta Cana


Hi , I am wondering if anyone has experienced clouds all day in the Dominican Republic or if this is rare. We are leaving Monday morn. and the forecast show clouds/sun instead of just Sunny every day that we will be there. The temps are great , and I’m so excited to go , but I am just hoping to get a tan and see bright blue sky most of the time there and not clouds. either way I will enjoy it though.

2 days to go yessss! ;D


I can almost guarantee a nice tan at this time of year :sunglasses:


Do be very careful! Just because it may be cloudy, you can still get a nasty sunburn. Always use your sunscreen.


Ok thanks , I rarely ever burn but I know the sun may be different there as far as the intensity.


In response to the original post, I too was wondering if this is normal weather for the Dominican. I’ve been checking for the past month and the 15-forecast and almost everyday is cloud and rain and/or showers. Rarely do they predict sun and blue skys. Is this normal for this time of year?


We had 3 mostly cloudy days with lots of wind in the middle of our 2nd week when we were in PC the last 2 weeks of Nov.

It was a cooler at the beach because of the wind, but we just stayed by the pool on those days. The buildings cut the wind so it was nice and warm and because of this we didn’t miss the sun at all. We laughed at ourselves for complaining that it was cold at the beach. Considering it was -17 celsius at home.

Even on the cloudy days we felt the effects of the sun. So don’t stray too far away from the sunscreen.

It rained a couple of afternoons, but it stayed very warm and got very humid. We hardly noticed that it was pouring from our loungers under our palapa.


I just got back from punta cana on Jan 20 and I was a little worried too before I left. I also was reading the weather every day and it said cloudy and some rain. We were there for 8 days and it did rain one day. Who cares though I still had the time of my life and I will never forget it and I will definately go back. :slight_smile: :wink: :smiley:


yep, its hot there, very different heat than Hawaii or Thailand, when its hot, its HOT! and the clouds are a welcome relief some days. The last time we were there it was about 38 celsius and thats hot. We also took a trip into Haiti and man now that was hot and no breezes from the ocean, major burn.