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Weather in Punta Cana?



Im travelling to bavaro in punta cana next week for the first time and a bit worried as the weather on google is repkrting thunderstorms all week. Is this likely?

Thanks. Emma


No. The on-line forecasts are notoriously inaccurate.
If there’s any showers, most likely they’ll last about 15 minutes and then the sun will come back out.


That’s the big difference with the tropics. Every day may start as bright and warm, clear skies leading to some clouds and hot, humid afternoons and evenings. Lots of evenings and overnights will have a brief shower. For us in Canada, we see a forecast of rain every day but it’s almost always exactly as Bob says.
Have Fun!


I would agree with @bobfromcanada . Many times forecast say it will be rain non stop but we have 15 min shower or some rain in the evening. Not sure how they report weather but many times reports about Caribbean weather were wrong. I hope you have great time. @Emmasmith are you staying for 1 week?


Beat weather site is https://www.windytv.com/18.556/-68.370?waves,17.951,-68.370,8,m:eb4aehe