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Weather @ New Years?

We have always traveled in late March/early April, but are considering Dec. 28th departure this year. What will the daytime temp. be? What about the evening? I imagine cooler than March,but how much so?

And yes, I realize whatever it is would be MUCH warmer than here :wink:


we have travelled for new years before, and it was always HOT! we did get one whole day of rain our first full day there but after that no rain, maybe a few clouds now and then and if it rained agian it was at night. each year is different though… we had friends go the next year and it rained 6 out of 7 days :frowning:

Lin we experienced that rain last year (Jan 3-17) for the entire 1st week of our vacation at the Gran Ventana. The Canadian who ran the dive area said he had been there for 10 years and had never seen it rain so much in that time period before. The kids were with us for that week and let me tell you they were not terribly impressed – but it didn’t hold them back at all-- they just didn’t get the tans that they wanted to show off back at school.


so that is what i named the climate of the tropics in winter time.
i have just 14 years over here now,
i sure will stay,
but i did still not experience one year when it did not rain on x-mas day OR the night of dec 31st. hey, i wrote OR.
i am talking just one of both.
but it is the time of the year where a shower or even a longer rainy downpoor are more likely than during the rest of the year, so count a bit of rain as a part of it.
a full week of rain that time of the year??
no, down here on the south east in PC,
such never happened during those 14 years neither.
who did not get his Tan during a 2 weeks stay here
did not leave his room ti get that.

Thanks for the input - and thanks Mike - always a treat to have such a “celebrity” reply to a post. ;D

I read that your son is celebrating a birthday this weekend - enjoy - time is precious with our little ones!

that’s right.
his real birthday been tuesday,
but that also be a schoolday for him and his friends,
so we spent just the 3 of us the afternoon on the beach.
the kiddies party is this saturday,
we luckily live right on a very calm beach, so there’s no space problem to let the little ones off the leash and have fun, the mom’s in the kittchen
and me and a buddy of mine will have some cold ones under one of our shady Caña umbrellas there, we name that hard stuff always “Kiddies watching”, ha ha.