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Weather question


Hi -

We just booked a trip to Punta Cana November 2006 (10-18) and even though I know the weather could be kind of mixed during that time I was wondering if any of you have some more feedback. Do any of you go frequently during that time? I guess I’d just like to know what to expect weather wise…Thanks.



Would like to add to my previous post…

Can I expect more rain from Nov. 11-18 or can I expect good weather. It’s my first time to the Dominican Republic and I am wondering if I made a mistake booking during that time. thanks.


We were there last November for two weeks and we had a couple of afternoon downpours but never steady rain. At least November is just about passed the hurricane season. Have a great trip and remember, if you get wet, in 5 minutes you will be dry.


we went to Dominican Republic in November 2001 and stayed a Riu Merengue and it rained only one eveining. But when it rained it poured down, thunder, lightling the lot!! But after it had passed about an hour or so later it nice and warm again. It did not bother us as it was in the evening so did not spoil our holiday. I did notice that the hotel we stayed in did provide a large golfing umberllas for us to use and i took one myself.


Thanks so much for your replies… : )


We were there the last 2 weeks of November last year.

It was 29 and 30 celsius everyday. We had a couple of rains, but it never stopped us. It is a warm rain and never lasted long.

You will need sun screen and be careful of the sun. Even with sun screen you can still get sun stroke So watch it the first few days. About the only problem I found going at that time, was getting into the mood for Christmas when we got back home.

I got the best tan I have ever had. As a matter of fact I still have a little of it.


We have gone three times to the DR in November. We went to PUJ once and POP twice. Weather wise we had one night of rain in Punta Cana, the rest was incredible. Our trips to POP found more rain every day. We are thinking that that time of the year is wetter around POP. We still like as there is more to do but next time we may do PUJ again as we now have kids to think about.