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Weather--weather rain rain?

anyone just back from punta cana the weather said its rain rain all week or is just off and on for 5-10 mins. here and there

Just got back last late night from the Barcelo Punta Cana and I can tell you that it was very windy and rainy the last half of Thursday and all day yesterday.
Winds were gusting up to 50 km/hr. and there were a few good rain showers that came through.
Red flags were out and there was no one on our big beach yesterday.
Our flight left at 5:30pm and I did not see any land in the DR as we climbed higher and higher.
It was a good day to return home.

Wow i hope the wind slows down some… we fly out of Hamilton at 8 am Sunday morning arriving there for 1 DR time staying at IFA village i don’t mind a little rain but all day that would be a drag but you still can drink rain or shine thank-you for your information

we are still under the cold front with high winds around 20knots.
i don’t hope so but i guess it will stick with us for an other 2 days.
happy weekend

wolfy please write am review when you get back and some pics? let us know how it all is. thanks hope the weather gets better! mike what is the temp? in u.s. degrees? twinner

Well three days ago we were at -14F and today 52 F,

quite a change, it you watch my signature the current temp in Punta Cana is displayed, only a 20 degree F differential right now.

I am in PC now and weather was very cool and windy for past two days, supposed to return to gorgeous on Wed. Weather so far today seems to be hit or miss…sunny and hot one minute and pouring down rain the next.

right Denine,
weather is actually on the change.
early morning on the sun came out,
wind been dead and is still on very low,
ocean starts to calm down every hour.
right now 10:30AM it is raining a lot here in cabeza de toro since around 20 minutes,
let it pour down to be finished,
it will calm down Sea conditions completely.
wind is back on it’s usual eastern direction, that’s the best sign, because that cold we always get in from the NNE.
i am pretty sure to be back on the water tomorrow morning under good conditions and you guys on the beach to get that Tan.
happy sunday

The sun is back…the sun is back…everybody…to the beach…the sun is back!



I would like to request ahead of time NO RAIN ::slight_smile: for March 13-20 inclusive. If you could arrange that, it would be awesome!! thanks…Cathy
+10 In Kanata today…but still lots of snow on the ground.

Just hang on to the sun until April…please???

here it feels like -10 to me, brrrrrr