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Websites for last minute deals

Just wondering if you can share some last minute deal websites that you go to. please,leaving from Edmonton

Personally I don’t find a lot of difference in price between different sites. I usually check yourtraveltickets and holidaymarkettravel, but when I compare with itravel2000 or others the price is the same or close to it. Sometimes a few dollars either way. Once I’ve found the right trip, my TA books it for me at the same (or better!) price…

my travel agent said it isn’t worth her time if she has to match, so needless to say, she’s no longer my travel agent. I’ve just booked with itravel the last few times.

I am adamantly opposed to giving my giving my charge card number out over the internet. For that reason we would not book online until my boss suggested something to us that he uses and works well. We now do our research online and find out exactly the package we want. We have used Bel Air Travel for probably our last 8 vacations. Once we have determined exactly what we want we call their 800 number for the Barrie office listed on their website. We are able to talk directly and book with a live body as well as make any requests that we may have ie: king size bed, preferred room location, etc. We have never had any grief or issues. The tickets have always been emailed to us a couple of weeks prior to the trip and our requests have always been met.
On our previous trip to the MSM in November the price dropped substantially on line within minutes of us booking. Not expecting anything to come of it I called Karen immediately asking if there was anything that could be done. Within minutes she called me back and told me she had saved me $400.
The whole process is painless and exemplary.
Now if we could just find ourselves a deal for Cayo Largo in April…

[quote=@iggy1]my travel agent said it isn’t worth her time if she has to match, so needless to say, she’s no longer my travel agent. I’ve just booked with itravel the last few times.[/quote]I’ve used my TA for almost all trips, and she does match prices…if she can’t (has only happened once) she tells me to go ahead and book it online. I have also booked online when a deal came up on the weekend and I knew it wouldn’t last until I could call my TA on Monday. I have no issues with online booking except when “stuff happens” you may have more difficulty getting satisfaction, and it will be you, not your trusty TA who is making the phone calls. I had proof of this in spades on my hurricane interrupted November trip. I made one phone call to my TA, and she dealt with the issue. I ended up with a full credit for my trip. An acquaintance who had booked online eventually got the same settlement…after many phone calls, and after using the information he got from me (otherwise I doubt he would have been offered the same compensation). It confirmed my opinion that a TA is definitely worth having, especially since it doesn’t cost me any more for my trips. :smiley:

I check on-line, then call my travel agent. She is absolutely wonderful, and has waved her magic wand on more than one occasion. Usually, she is able to match an on-line price, but sometimes (rarely) she isn’t. That’s OK with me … I don’t at all mind paying for the services of a really competent travel professional, who in the long run has saved me a bundle, and managed to change flights & itineraries that no on-line site would ever be able to do! :slight_smile:

We’ve booked on line and had no problems; alternately, since we’ve used air miles the last two timeswe’ve travelled, we’ve used a local travel agent who has matched the online price, ordered air mile gift certificates for a specific amount and credited this to the total amount we have paid, so this coming trip (Jan 21) and last years’ trip were a combination of low price found on the internet in November for January, … and using up some air miles we accumulated. A great economical alternative. Cuba Si

I like selloffvacations.com, for what it’s worth, as a good site to search and watch prices, but have found over the past few years that it is best to book about two months before you want to go, - closer to the date you want to leave the prices actually go up, and have never gone down to the price point in which we booked the couple months prior. For example, last year there were a couple of people who were at our resort - Club Amigo Caracol, who had booked last minute - the week leading up to the trip, and they had paid $200 pp more than we did - and we fly out of Toronto so we have a great variety of trips/locations to choose from. My son and his friends were considering coming along this year, they didn’t book in November when we did and the trip is now $200 more pp (tax in) than what we paid, in November when we booked - so ya, the kids aren’t comin’ along this time - so sad (sic)

My advice would be start looking about 3 months before you want to go, choose a couple of alternatives and watch the prices. read the reviews and make sure you’re comfortable with that location and standard. Book about 8/10 weeks before your scheduled take off date.

I don’t believe the airlines/travel companies are offering the discounts they did previously - they are changing flight times/combining flights now to reduce overhead and this means less ‘last minute’. Our flight time for January has been changed twice now since we booked. As of today, the flight is fully booked, so no last minute for the 21st to Varadero via Skysquish (Nolitours). You can leave the next day, but it’s $200 pp more - so no deal there.

We have always done that - find the package, call the 800 number and book. You speak to a real person and get the exact same package for the same price!!!

We always find the best prices at yourtraveltickets.com - even if it’s only $5.00 or $10.00 cheapers - it’s better in my pocket than theirs!! ;D

We always look up the Belairtravel web site and write down their prices. We then go to their local outlet and deal with out TA who will match any other web site prices once she has confirmation on the price quoted. We have been dealing with her for well over 20 years and has never let us down

Wow, you have used the same travel agent for over 20 years? No wonder you know so much about travelling.

She has met every one of our needs and has come through for us each and every time. If we ever have the slightest problem with anything she will straighten it out for us. I don’t think you can get that kind of service by booking on line. However that is just my opinion of course

“Zuley” mentions not giving out her personal credit card number, but if you do any checking on line, you have options, you can go online or you can usually call a 1-800 number and talk to a real person.
We like to use tripcentral.ca it has no hidden costs or taxes the price is the price, and our last trip we went in to a TA and she not only matched it but took off 100 per person, so i could n’t match that online, all our other trips have been done online with a real person .
happy travels-