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Wedding at Riu Bachata


Hi all,

I have read all over this board and I am yet to see of anyone getting married at the Riu’s…is there something you all know that I don’t? :-/

Pauline my travel agent has booked my wedding day for September 20, 2007 yay :smiley: I am so excited and nervous.

What types of cost do wedding packages range from…I know with the Riu if you book 5 rooms it is free but if you don’t have 5 rooms book how much? Anyone have any idea?

Anyone else getting married on the Puerto Plata side other then us?


Wedding packages start at the RIUs from $675USD and up. Also if you book your wedding 90 days before the wedding date you get a 10% discount on the wedding package


stillgotit thanks for the information…so I do have a confirmed date with the resort for my wedding is that not the same as a booking?


In a few cases, not all, when they tell you will be married on a certain date they might change it once you arrive. But that is very very unlikely to happen. In dealing these many years with the staff of all the RIU resorts I can tell you they will do their best to make your wedding day the very best they can possible do. I assume you have their email address in case you need any more info. from the wedding co-ordinator. :sunglasses:


actually I have not emailed them as yet, Pauline my travel agent arranged it for us…should I be in contact with them?


Hi there! I am getting married in July at the Riu Palace Macao in Punta Cana though. We decided on the Classic Wedding Package for 675.00 less the 10% discount. We will probably have enough rooms booked for the free wedding, however, that doesn’t include the legal documentation and more. Visit the riu.com website and be careful reading all the packages and what they include. You do not pay the hotel until you arrive for the wedding package. The wedding co-ordinator will e-mail you before you leave and set up a date (probably the day after you arrive) to pick reception place, flowers, cake…etc. That is the hard part- a lot of the decisions about the wedding itself are not chosen until you get there. Talk to you soon!


hi laura,

Its a funny thing we aren’t going to the Riu anymore…although, it was my first choice…friends and family thought that it was too expensive for them…so we are now going to the Gran Ventana Beach Resort in Puerto Plata…and I am not changing resorts again!!

I hope you have a beautiful wedding.