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Wedding co-ordinator


We are getting married at Paradisus PC in October and have been in contact a few times with a WC on site. One problem we have is the excessive time frame between when we send an e-mail and then get a response. It can sometimes be 4-5 days before we get a response, and when we finally do, not all our questions are answered. Has anyone else had this problem ???



HI elsisman,
we are also getting married in PC, Congrats to you and yours!

Our wedding coordinator is the same way, I know at our resort they have up to 4 weddings/day, plus meetings with all thew new brides arriving, makes for a busy day… I think that your response time is normal, we are experiencing the same time frame for responses and I am not concerned…


Congrats to you as well Garysgirl.
We just want everything to be in place when we get there.
( even though we have lots of time ) I’m sure everything will work out great - it’s just frustrating for me.


I know exactly what you mean, trust me…

One thing I am doing is saving all my emails from my resort about my wedding, and I am printing them and bringing them with me, just in case…


Well ladies a four or five day wait to receive an email is a fairly short time. I know of three brides to be that they had to wait for several weeks until they received any response. If you are not happy with the length of time I would suggest you call them and get some of your questions answered. It only costs a few cents to do this and could ease your worries :sunglasses:


I have been trying for weeks and weeks to get a hold of the coordinator at
Coral Marien. The people on this site have been wonderful and gave me an email that I did not have and a phone and fax. I have emailed, and received a reply from the manager with the reassurance that someone would contact me, and I have also phoned and faxed. This has been almost 7 weeks of this and I have yet to receive and email with the answers to my questions regarding my wedding. I am leaving on Wednesday of this week and still no word.
I dont know what to do …